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Free Webpage Capture Apps

Free Webpage Capture Apps

Do you want other people to see what you see on your computer’s monitor?  There are times that a person who wants to capture full web page screenshots because of their different purposes. There are many factors that trigger a person to take make some screenshots in order to accomplish some tasks. One common reason why some people tend to take web snapshots is they want to let other people see the monitor of their personal computer or desktops.

If you want to record or download the video from webpage, you can check this guide of downloading online video.


There are also some people who take screenshots in order to save the original appearance of a certain webpage. The desire of many people to take snapshots leads to the development of tools and websites that allow screenshots so that many people can effectively create or generate screenshots. There are many ways that can help you take snapshots and screenshots of your laptop’s monitor.

You can use webpage screenshot, software and online screen capture tool in order to make screenshots to your computer’s monitor. There are also many online tools that can help you take screenshot of a certain webpage. To give you insights about an online tool that allows webpage screenshot, here’s a list of online tools that you can use to take screenshots:

Webpage Screenshot Capture

One of the leading tools that allow taking screenshots is the webpage screenshot capture. There are now many people who prefer to use webpage screenshot capture because it comes with great features. To use the features of webpage screenshot capture, you just need to paste the URL of the site you want to be captured. It comes with customizable image quality and size. There are settings that you can use in order to take screenshots. Webpage Screenshot Capture is equipped with free cloud storage for pictures and abundant editing options in order to acquire the desired results of screenshots. Compared to other screenshots tools and websites, many people prefer to use Webpage Screenshot Capture because of great features and excellent screenshots that they can acquire through using this tool or website that allows taking screenshots.

Capture Full Page

It is an online tool and website that can help people take screenshots.  You just need to paste the URL of the site. Capture Full Page is indeed a great help for many people to take some snapshots and screenshots.  You can capture screenshots by just entering the URL of the page. It also allows users to acquire some options in terms of taking some snapshots. Capture Full Page also consists of great features that many people would relatively love to have in order to take some snapshots and screenshots properly and easily.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot is a compact plugin that goes with Chrome and other browsers. Once installed, you’re able to create snapshots in the manner of making a few clicks. This extension enables users to capture screen and annotate on it with built-in toolbar. You can also snapshot the entire webpage including the part extends beyond the screen. Once an image has been captured, you’re allowed to save it right away or to upload to cloud server provided by the publisher. And if you prefer, you can also associate your account with this tool and create a project on your own space with all screenshots saved in it. This setting is extremely beneficial for website designers, web maters ,blogggers and people who need to do website works.


Based from the feedbacks of most people who love taking screenshots, the Webpage Screenshot Capture is the best website and tool that allows users to take some screenshots. All the features of Webpage Screenshot Capture are great that can relatively empower many people acquire excellent screenshot results. You may also read more details about how to snapshot entire webpage.

Top 5 Free Video Player for Mac – Quicktime Alternative

Top 5 Free Video Player for Mac – Quicktime Alternative

Quicktime is the default video player on Mac OS X, but the range of codecs and built-in features of QuickTime are a little limited, it supports only a few video formats like MOV, MP4, H.264. If you have some video files like AVI, MKV (Blu-ray ripped), FLV (YouTube), VOB (DVD Ripped), WMV (Windows media), and so on. You can’t open it with Quicktime on your Mac, and you need a more powerful video player. And this page collects 5 free and safe video player for you, works as good quicktime alternative.


VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an open-source cross-platform media player. It is highly portable and supports a majority of audio and video formats. Besides, it’s can also be used for media file conversions as well as streaming protocols. If you’re skilled, there’re tons of options you can play with and hot keys you can enable. But for basic users, it’s quite complex and isn’t that user friendly.



MPlayerX is another open-source player similar to VLC. It supports a wide range of video and audio files and has more features such as multi-touch and Apple Remote support. Its interface is similar to that of QuickTime’s and has bookmark feature which remembers where you played up to last time.



Miro is an open-source media player with a built-in video converter. You can also share the media files over your network with anyone who also has Miro installed. What’s more, there’s an iPad version, which has the ability to stream and transfer videos and music to your iPad.



DivX is another alternative to QuickTime for you to play videos. It allows you to play all native DivX videos (.mkv), and other popular video file types, including QuickTime files and Windows Media Player files. The player also includes a desktop dimmer, window fade, and free full screen playback options.


Wondershare Video Player

Wondershare Player is a great alternative to QuickTime and can play virtually any video and audio format with superior quality on your PC. This means that you don’t need any additional codecs or software. It also delivers excellent playback performance for HD video- no cuts, no quality loss. What’s more, it has more intuitive designs such as supports loading and customizing subtitles, auto adds similar files to your playlist.

How to record audio on Mac for free and safe

How to record audio on Mac for free and safe

It’s not easly to record audio playing out from Mac. But with WavTap, you can easily do that job even you are a new Mac user.

What you need to do is run WavTap, pull down the menu and select ” Start Recording “. Wavtap will automatically record the audio being played on your Mac and export the audio as a wav file. It supports audio from podcast, live stream, video, iTunes, the source doesn’t matter, as long as it’s playing. Once you finish the capture, select “Stop Recording”, and you will find the recorded wav audio file on your desktop.

Wavtap is free and safe, and here is the download link.

For your most part, the easy app performs as advertised, though the “Save Final 20 Seconds” choice wasn’t as trusted in our testing. An additional minor quirk you could run into is after finishing recording, where the system audio may wellappear to muted and unresponsive. If youcome across that to become the case, open Technique Preferences, select “Sound”, thenchoose “Internal Speakers” from the device list. Flip overfor the “Input” tab and select the Internal Microphone whileyou are at it, or you might run into challenges down the road when attempting to Skype or FaceTime.

For more Mac Audio Recorders, I’d also recommend Audio Recorder for Mac to you. It’s compatible with almost all streaming websites including YouTube, Pandora, Napster, Spotify, GUBA, NPC, MySpace,, BBC Radio Audio, iTunes Radio, RTVE, Sirius Radio, Radio Blog Club, XM Radio Online, AOL Music, etc.

Android File Manager for Mac

Android File Manager for Mac

Mac doesn’t support Android Device well. If you are a Mac user and you have an Android device like Samsung SIII phone or Android Tablet, it would be difficult to put iTunes songs on your android device. I have tried some App manager for Android, and recommend this MobileGo for Android. It’s easy to use and it’s compatible with almost all Android devices. Below are some key features about this app.

  1. Android Fans – Dedicated one-click backup and restore phone data on Mac.
  2. Music Lovers – Instantly add music, video and photo for enjoy anytime.
  3. App Addicts – Quick install/uninstall, move and export apps with ease.
  4. Social Favors – Send & reply text messages directly on your Mac.

Why do I recommend this Android File Manager for Mac, it can help you do amazing job as follow.

  1. With this Android File Manager for Mac, you can backup everything on your Android devices like contacts, SMS, apps, catalogs, etc. on your Mac effortlessly and restore all or selected backed-up files to your devices with a click.
  2. It can help you push music, photo and video easily to your Android device with a click. Meanwhile, you can import/export music to/from iTunes directly.
  3. Lets you quickly install and uninstall apps on your Android device from your Mac and export apps to your Mac with a click.
  4. Now you can reply, send text directly on your Mac without doing it on a tiny four-inch screen.
  5. Import/Export contacts to and from vCard files. Find and categorize contacts.
  6. Quickly and easily set your own music as phone, alarm or notification ringtones.
  7. Install downloaded APK install files from your desktop without logging on Google Play.
  8. Super-fast one click screen-shot capture to save your favorite screenshots!

If you are looking for some kind of app to manager your android device on your Mac, this Android File Manager for Mac is what you need. And here is the free download link.

Android File Manager for Mac

How to use Android Apps on Mac

How to use Android Apps on Mac

When you wanted to manage Android programs in your Mac, a fresh virtualization application known as BlueStacks makes it much simpler than any other time. Your really an easy task to deploy solution involves 19 popular Google android programs that can be operate independently and also without resorting to jogging Android ICS in a very virtual device, detaching the often clunky virtualized Android OS experience along with instead introducing directly into the apps.

Here is the free download link of  BlueStacks App Player

Your go delinquent set up can be large around the online games but includes various other well-liked game titles way too. You’ll obtain Air Control Lite, Alchemy, Basketball Shot, Drag Racing, Elastic World, Facebook, Glow Hockey, Guns’n Glory, Paper Toss, Pulse news reader, Robo Defense, Seesmic, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Zebra Paint, almost all handily located in the ‘Android Apps’ file within the Computer itself By Dock. Because they work because impartial apps, you’ll additionally discover their whereabouts inside LaunchPad.

Functionality is superb and there are not any obvious troubles or even speed troubles, and several in the video games actually manage to run better in Mac Operating system A within the digital covering than they accomplish upon a few older Android mobile phone mobile phones – unsurprising with the computer’s desktop components can be beefier.

This is a excellent free option for anyone planning to run Android os software on his or her Macintosh personal computer.