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Best way to copy iPhone SE data to Mac

Best way to copy iPhone SE data to Mac

iPhone SE is the latest iPhone released by a few days ago. It has the same body as iPhone 5s but with more powerful performance. If you don’t like bigger screen like iPhone 6S or Plus, iPhone SE is the best choice for you to become an iPhone fan.


Copy iPhone SE Data to Mac

Since iPhone SE is a smart phone, it’s good idea to copy the iPhone SE data to Mac for backup in case of lose any important files like Contacts, Photos, Messages, Notes, etc. Here I will show you the best way to backup your iPhone data to Mac, it’s not only work for iPhone SE, but also other iPhone series like iPhone 6s/6s plus, iPhone 7, etc.

The tool you need is this Phone Transfer, why I recommend it? Here are a few features you might interested in.

  1. It can backup phone data to Mac and restore it without interfering with the quality.
  2. It is also a phone to phone transfer that enables you to transfer any contents from phone to phone.
  3. It supports cross-platform transfer for data without the risk losing the data or messing up with its quality.
  4. It allows you to transfer iCloud backup to iPhone, Android and other devices easily.
  5. You can use it to transfer music, contacts, photos, video and other types of files from iTunes to your iPhone with ease.

Now, let’s start the guide to copy iPhone SE data to Mac


Step 1: Install the Phone Transfer

Download the Phone Transfer and install it. I have scan the file with Virus Protector like Norton, it’s safe and clean. And then launch the app, you will need to look for the tab labeled “Backup Your Phone” and then click on it. This will take you to the backup window.


Step2. Connect iPhone SE to Mac

Connect your iPhone to your Mac with a USB cable. The Phone Transfer will your iPhone SE automatically as follow:


Step 3: Select iPhone SE Files and Copy to Mac

Now check the data you want to transfer from your iPhone SE to Mac. You can select contacts, text messages, calendar, apps, call logs, and so on. Once have checked the data, you will need to click on “Start Copy” to start copying the data. After the copying process completes, you can check your Mac to verify if the data was copied successfully.

Here are more free resources for iPhone users

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How to copy DVD movie to iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 on Windows and Mac

How to copy DVD movie to iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 on Windows and Mac

The new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have finally gone official. We now have a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 plus. With the bigger screen and higher resolution. Now enjoy your favorite movies on the iPhone 6 would be much joyful. And here is a step by step guide will show you how to copy your own DVD movies to iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6. Moreover, you can also put DVD movies on your iPod or iPad with this guide.


The tool you need is this DVD to iPhone 6 Plus Converter. It’s available for both Windows and Mac. I have tried many tools to convert video for my iPhone 6 plus, both freeware and shareware. They are neither not worked well, nor the conversion quality is poor, some even build-in spyware and viruses.

Download DVD to iPhone 6 Plus Converter for MacDownload DVD to iPhone 6 Plus Converter for Mac


First, you should know what’s video format is compatible with the iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6, here are the specs from

Video formats supported: H.264 video up to 1080p, 60 frames per second, High Profile level 4.2 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats;

MPEG-4 video up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps per channel, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats;

Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) up to 35 Mbps, 1280 by 720 pixels, 30 frames per second, audio in ulaw, PCM stereo audio in .avi file format

Now, let’s start the guide to copy DVD movie to iPhone, I will take my iPhone 6 plus and Windows 8 computer as sample in the guide. The operation steps are the same for Mac.


Step1. Download and install the DVD to iPhone 6 Converter. And then launch it.

Step2. Load your DVD movie into the converter. Here are four ways to do that.

a) For the DVD disc, put the DVD disc into your computer DVD-Rom first, and then click ‘Load DVD‘.

b) If you already rip your DVD movie to computer in DVD folder, like Video_TS folder or Audio_TS folder, you can click ‘Load DVD folder‘ to import the movie into the converter.

c) If your movie is in ISO format, use the ‘Load ISO file‘ to add the movie.

d) This converter supports all types of video format including AVI, MP4, MPEG, VOB, MOV, FLV, MKV, MTS/M2TS/TS/TP/TRP, MOD, TOD, WMV, 3GP,, RM, RMVB, WTV, OGV, MXF, VRO, TIVO, etc. Click ‘Add files‘ to import your video files.


Step3. In the “Output Format” drop-down window on the right side of the program window, go to the ‘Format’ tab and select ‘MP4 Video‘. If you want to customize the video resolution or video bit rate, you can click the ‘Setting‘ button to open the setting panel.


Step4. Click ‘Convert‘ to start the conversion. This will take a few minutes to finish the conversion, you can go away to take a coffee. It took me 26 minutes to convert a two hours long movie.

Step5. Click ‘Open Folder‘ to locate the converted video. Open iTunes, and drag and drop the video into your iTunes library. Plug in the iPhone 6 plus to computer with a USB cable. And the iPhone should be detected. And then sync iPhone 6 plus with iTunes, the video will be transferred to iPhone 6 plus automatically, done.


How to transfer Contacts and SMS from Blackberry Phone to iPhone

How to transfer Contacts and SMS from Blackberry Phone to iPhone

94% of T-Mobile customers trading in a BlackBerry during promotion, switched to another platform like Android, iOS and Windows. If you are happen to upgrade from Blackberry to Apple iPhone. There must be some important contacts or SMS you want to transfer to the new iPhone. And here is a step by step guide will show you how to do that, as long as you have made a backup of your BlackBerry to computer with the BlackBerry® Desktop Software.


The tool you need is this Phone to Phone Transfer (also named as MobileTrans). I have tried many solutions to transfer the blackberry stuff, freeware and shareware. They are neither have viruses and spyware, nor work. Some even corrupt my computer. And this phone transfer works pretty well, more important, it’s really easy to use. Now, let’s start the guide.


Step1. Backup your Blackberry

You have to make a backup of your Blackberry first. You can download the BlackBerry® Desktop Software free from, link as follow:

And then install the software, lunch it. Connect your Blackberry phone to computer with the USB cable. The software will recognized your blackberry phone, click the Back up Now button, all your blackberry data will be backup on your computer. Remember the backup file where you save on the computer.



Step2. Retrieve the Blackberry Backup to iPhone

Connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable. Download and install the Phone to Phone transfer, launch it. Go to the Backup and Restore mode and click Restore. The Phone transfer will recognize your iPhone as follow image.


On the left side, click the inverted triangle to show the pull-down list. Select BlackBerry backup file. Then, all backup files you have ever made with BlackBerry® Desktop Software are listed out. Select the files you want, click Start Copy button to transfer the files to your new iPhone, that’s all.

iPhone 5s is coming! Are you ready?

iPhone 5s is coming! Are you ready?

Apple iPhone 5s is coming, are you ready for the amazing mobile phone. Apple is going to make a big surprise!


The latest to come out from retailer of Apple Inc. is Apple iPhone 5s. This handset can be a masterpiece from Apple. Its an enhanced version with the rocking iPhone 5. Using the application it is actually equipped, anything under outstanding is just not suitable for that gadget. High-quality camera of 8 mega pixel can click some of the greatest images which could be savoured for a very long time to come. Its outfitted with some most up-to-date camera options which make it far more ample in clicking extremely crystal clear photos. You can also listen to a lot of the best and favourite MP3 songs of one’s likes. The iPhone 5s has got memory capability of 64 GB.

Apple, regarded to the most ground breaking and fantastic devices, dealing with Biggest LCD maker of Taiwan seems for being a serious portion while in the producing of following generation iPhone. Apple iPhone 5S features the new Touch On Show technologies that’s even though and 0.5mm thick which has superior optical operating and sensitivity. The cell phone will even be obtainable in five different colors which come about for your initial time in Apple historical past. The colors are inspired from the 1 provided in iPad touch. The next colours are pink, yellow, blue, white and silver and black and slate. A further initial time working experience for iPhone is that it truly is going to launch in two various sizes. The availability of different sized iPhone is taken as an advantage by Apple as the division will give the cell phone extra probability to reach during the hands of shoppers with low budgets.

The 8MP rear camera can make certain to deliver an impressive photographic doing work expertise holding resolution of 3264×2448 pixels and consumer can perhaps capture his/her prized recollections, and with LED flash, autofocus, can capture higher clarity images even during the night times and minimal light ranges. The premium camera also possesses Encounter Detection, Geo Tagging possibilities which could be astonishing options during the Smartphone section to boost buyers. One of the most interesting pre-loaded attributes in Apple IPhone 5S consist of Predictive text input, Organizer and Television Out. The revolutionary Apple IPhone 5S Images are leaked on-line and they indicate its looks are excellent and astonishing in Black/Slate, White/Silver colours, which will certainly appeal quite a few customers. The Apple IPhone 5S Price tag facts and specifics will not be yet exposed from the corporation. So, we have to wait and see regardless of whether the Apple will concern a lesser cost tag iPhone or not. Consequently, the company claims the Apple’s most awaited flagship Smartphone might be breaking all of the data with regards to sales and make a new record in historical past. Lets wait for the device which bundles distinctive attributes and eye-catching looks, finger’s crossed.

How to recover iPhone photos

How to recover iPhone photos

Sometimes, you may delete your iPhone photos by accident, and these photos are really important for you. And here is a step by step guide will show you how to recover your iPhone photos. This tutorial is easy to follow, even you are computer idiot can understand it.


Please pay attention: Don’t sync your iPhone with iTunes. And then set your iPhone into the flight mode and don’t use it until you find those photos. This will increase the ratio to retrieve your iPhone photos.


The tool you need is this iPhone Photos Recovery. This program has both Windows Version and Mac Version, and this guide is based on Windows Version. And we took iPhone 5 as example. Now, let’s start the guide.


Step1. Download iPhone Photo Recovery and install it on your computer, Plug in iPhone to computer. Then you’ll get the main interface as follow.



Step2. You have to set your iPhone into DFU mode to let the software scan your iPhone.

1). Hold your iPhone and click “Start”.
2). Press “Home” and “Power” button at the same time when you click “Start”, and hold for 10 seconds. The iPhone Photo Recovery will count it for you.
3). After 10 seconds, release “Power” and keep pressing “Home” for another 10 seconds.
4. When you’re told that you’ve successfully entered the DFU mode, the iPhone photo recovery will automatically scan your iPhone for data as follow.



Step3. After the scan, the iPhone photo recovery will return a list of all the photos on your iPhone, including the deleted photos. Now you can preview the photos and choose the photos you want to retrieve. And then click “Recover”, that’s all. When the process is finished, you will find the deleted photos back on your iPhone.

How to stop iPhoto and iTunes Launching Automatically

How to stop iPhoto and iTunes Launching Automatically

iPhoto and iTunes will launch automatically when you connect any iOS devices to computer. This is really annoying when you just want to connect your iOS device to computer to just charge the battery or manually sync files to it. And this problem will happen when you connect iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to your computer. Here is a step by step guide will show you how to stop iPhoto and iTunes launch automatically problem.

For iPhoto:

1. Connect your iOS devices like iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to the computer through the USB cable. Let iPhoto open then quit it

2. Now open “Image Capture”, found in the /Applications/ folder. In the lower left corner, click the little pulldown menu next to “Connecting this iPhone opens” and choose “No application”

3. Quit out of Image Capture. That’s all. The next time you connect the your iOS devices to the Mac, the iPhoto app will no longer launch itself automatically.

For iTunes:

1. Connect your iOS device to the computer.

2. Inside iTunes, click on the device and then click on the ‘Summary’ tab. Scroll to the bottom of the Summary tab selections until you see “Options”.

3. Click on the checkbox next to ‘Open iTunes when this iPhone is connected’ – wording will be slightly different if your device is an iPad or iPod or whatever.

4. Close iTunes. That’s all. iTunes will no longer launch itself automatically when you connect the your iOS devices to computer.

Best iTunes Alternative

Best iTunes Alternative

iTunes is the best File Manager for iOS devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad. But for new Apple users, iTunes is a litter complicate. Moreover, iTunes happens error easily, like you do connect iPod to computer, but iTunes can’t recognize it. Or you switch your iPod to another computer, the iTunes has to erase the existing files on your iPod, this is really annoying. If you are looking for a good iTunes alternative, here is what you need.

MobileGo for iOS key features

  • Transfer songs, videos, playlists, iTunes U, Podcasts to iTunes/PC, and vice verse
  • Copy photos, albums from computer to iOS Devices, and reverse way
  • Manage iPhone contacts including import, export, duplicate removal, Outlook sync.
  • Import various kinds of music and video incompatible with iTunes

MobileGo supports iOS devices including

  • iPhone: iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS
  • iPad: iPad Mini, iPad with Ritina Display, The New iPad, iPad 2, iPad
  • iPod: iPod touch5, iPod touch 4, iPod touch 3

MobileGo System Requirement

System Requirements

  • Supported OS Microsoft Windows 7/XP/Vista
  • CPU 750MHz Intel or AMD
  • Free Hard Disk Space 1 GB or more
  • RAM 512MB or above

If you sick of iTunes, go and download this iTunes alternative for a try. Here is the free download link (23MB). If you want to know how to transfer files from iPod back to computer, this step by step guide will help you a lot.

Free Video Converter for iPhone 5

Free Video Converter for iPhone 5

Apple release the new iPhone 5 a few days ago. With the longer and larger screen, resoultion go to 1136×640. Now, it would be enjoyable to watch movie on iPhone 5. Since Apple iPhone 5 supports special MP4 video, if you want to convert and play video on iPhone 5 with full screen, I’d strongly recommend this video converter for iPhone 5 to you. It’s designed for Apple iPhone 5, supports all popular video files including AVI, MP4, HD video, ACDHD, iMovie video, WMV, MPEG, FLV, YouTube, Limewire, Realplayer, Quicktime, MKV, MOD, ASF, MPEG1, MPEG2, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, M2TS, MPEG TS/TP (for HD Video), etc. More over, it supports other Apple devices like iPod, iPad and Apple TV.

If you don’t want to download and install anything to your Mac. Here is a list of online video converter. They works well with iPhone 5 too. But the conversion speed is a little slow, and you have to type your email into the website. The website will convert the video for you on its serve, and then send the converted video download link to your email. Anyway, it’s totally free and safe. If you just want to convert a few videos for iPhone, this is a good choice.