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iPhone 5s is coming! Are you ready?

iPhone 5s is coming! Are you ready?

Apple iPhone 5s is coming, are you ready for the amazing mobile phone. Apple is going to make a big surprise!


The latest to come out from retailer of Apple Inc. is Apple iPhone 5s. This handset can be a masterpiece from Apple. Its an enhanced version with the rocking iPhone 5. Using the application it is actually equipped, anything under outstanding is just not suitable for that gadget. High-quality camera of 8 mega pixel can click some of the greatest images which could be savoured for a very long time to come. Its outfitted with some most up-to-date camera options which make it far more ample in clicking extremely crystal clear photos. You can also listen to a lot of the best and favourite MP3 songs of one’s likes. The iPhone 5s has got memory capability of 64 GB.

Apple, regarded to the most ground breaking and fantastic devices, dealing with Biggest LCD maker of Taiwan seems for being a serious portion while in the producing of following generation iPhone. Apple iPhone 5S features the new Touch On Show technologies that’s even though and 0.5mm thick which has superior optical operating and sensitivity. The cell phone will even be obtainable in five different colors which come about for your initial time in Apple historical past. The colors are inspired from the 1 provided in iPad touch. The next colours are pink, yellow, blue, white and silver and black and slate. A further initial time working experience for iPhone is that it truly is going to launch in two various sizes. The availability of different sized iPhone is taken as an advantage by Apple as the division will give the cell phone extra probability to reach during the hands of shoppers with low budgets.

The 8MP rear camera can make certain to deliver an impressive photographic doing work expertise holding resolution of 3264×2448 pixels and consumer can perhaps capture his/her prized recollections, and with LED flash, autofocus, can capture higher clarity images even during the night times and minimal light ranges. The premium camera also possesses Encounter Detection, Geo Tagging possibilities which could be astonishing options during the Smartphone section to boost buyers. One of the most interesting pre-loaded attributes in Apple IPhone 5S consist of Predictive text input, Organizer and Television Out. The revolutionary Apple IPhone 5S Images are leaked on-line and they indicate its looks are excellent and astonishing in Black/Slate, White/Silver colours, which will certainly appeal quite a few customers. The Apple IPhone 5S Price tag facts and specifics will not be yet exposed from the corporation. So, we have to wait and see regardless of whether the Apple will concern a lesser cost tag iPhone or not. Consequently, the company claims the Apple’s most awaited flagship Smartphone might be breaking all of the data with regards to sales and make a new record in historical past. Lets wait for the device which bundles distinctive attributes and eye-catching looks, finger’s crossed.

Imagine the Future – How Will Be Mac OS X After Ten Years Later?

Imagine the Future – How Will Be Mac OS X After Ten Years Later?

2011 is the ten year anniversaries of Mac OS X, iPod, iTunes and Apple’s retail operations. Apple also launched iCloud、iAd and Siri in 2011. How will be Mac OS X in next decade as a cornerstone of Apple.

The next ten years of Mac OS X: core OS and web technologies
Steve Jobs launched the first 10.0 version of Mac OS X in March 2011, saying it as a platform that Apple will use over the next fifteen years. When he said that, it is likely because NeXT company was just its 15 years old in 2001.

Ten years ago, when software being pushed forward by Linux and the FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD open source projects, Apple wanted to leverage the proven technology and enable potential of NeXTSTEP’s Unix core, and wanted to use Mac OS X as a competitor with Microsoft’s Windows NT. However, Apple has been the main supplier of UNIX workstations in the past ten years, and leading Nnix’s development.

Apple has its own CUPS, the open Common Unix Printing System used by Linux and Unix distributions, and has taken the lead in replacing the aging GNU C Compiler (originally released by Richard Stallman in 1987 as the core of a free development toolchain for Unix) with its own next generation LLVM/Clang/LLDB development tools, because Mac and iOS devices share the same Xcode development tools. Combine this technology, Apple’s deploying technologies will gain broad attention.

Apple is leading the development to open source web browser with WebKit, which has pushed commercial web way from adobe Flash and Miroshoft’s Silverlight, supported to open up HTML5 standard. Apple shares its own Canvas 2D HTML drawing technology and other related CSS、JavaScript.

Apple also has been positively promoting OpenGL and OpenGL ES technology, developing OpenCL technology, this new pictures technology makes us finish complicated tasks in any and all available processor cores.

Even though the user interface of Mac OS X Lion is simpler and simpler, but its underpinnings are still complex, with GCD technology, Mac OS X can better take advantage of multiple cores and new types of processor cores, as well as new storage technology, such as solid state disk, etc. At the same time, Apple has removed the outdated system API, such as Carbon. What Mac OS X Lion focuses is only 64-bitCocoa.
The profit is the main motive force of development
In the next decade, Apple will continue to lead the development of Web standard, and put operation system technology into the greater Unix community. The pace will be faster because Apple now has a different position in the technology world. It will continue to push operation system and soft development technology, because most of Apple’s hardware devices can make great profit for the company. The shipment of Apple PC may pass HP next year, Apple’s smartphone and personal music player business will leads Nokia, Samsung or Sony.

Beyond unit sales, Apple also earns far more in revenues and profits than any of the various hardware makers it competes with in device sales. In addition, Apple is one of the few companies to open their own soft platform, which gives it a unique ability to chart its own future. The failure of HP’s Palm  Web OS , Nokia’s Symbian and RIM’s BlackBerry make Apple unique.
Simplicity shift
Apple will continue to simplify away complexities in the computers, for example, the traditional document system, replacing it with cloud-coordinated services. App Store 、iCloud、internet recovery and iTune Match have already revolutionized how software and content is distributed and stored, these new technology has reduced the dependence on traditional media.

In the past decade, Apple has developed  Multi-touch  technology, greatly enhancing the easy of use for mobile devices, and in the next decade, Siri is likely to lead a new revolution, this natural voice operation is much more intuitive than mousing or keyboard operation. Apple is expected to venture into new markets in the future, something like Apple’s HDTV that people have been talking about recently.

How Will be iPod and iTune After Ten Years Later

How Will be iPod and iTune After Ten Years Later

2011 was the ten year anniversaries of Mac OS X, iPod, iTunes and Apple’s retail operations. Apple also launched iCloud、iAd and Siri in 2011. Then how will be iPod after ten years? Will iTunes continue to lead the mobile appliance platform? Let’s make an analysis together as followed.


The rapid advance of iPod and iTunes

Apple launched the first version iPod in October 2001, and then launched iTune one year later. iPod、iTune and iMovie build Mac as users’ “digital hub,” helping users to manage music files and edit video files. In the past ten years, Apple has built iPod and iTune into two businesses: iPod devices sales and iTune content platform.

iTune helped Apple to become the biggest merchant of music, and made many conservative music publishers accept this new business model. At the very beginning, the music publishers were resistant to this digital music, now they get benefitted tremendously. And then, Apple added TV shows、music videos and movies to iTunes, then added HTML based iTunes LP and iTunes Extra.

Apple also embraced Podcasting, making iTunes the central repository for freely available audio and video content created by any publishers. Apple also initiated iTune U service, enable the universities and other organizations to publish their own education contents, until now, the contents in iTunes are from over 1000 institutions in 123 countries. Apple has added iBooks to iTunes.

At the same time, iTunes as a central hub for content and data sync, device backup and software updates has become an activation platform for iPhone and iPad. iTunes expanded to become a download platform for iOS, the users can buy software、music and other contents from iTunes.


iTunes enters into cloud

By the end of its first decade, Apple has taken iTunes into the cloud times through iTunes Match、iCloud. The users can listen their loved music on any of their own devices. In iOS 5, users don’t need iTunes any more, they can set up, synchronize, and back up their iOS devices. iCloud offers free document, data, photos and content purchase availability between a user’s Macs and iOS devices. This DVD to iPod Converter can help you convert DVD movie and video to iPod iTunes.


The next decade of iPod and iTunes

iTunes will continue to play an important role in the next decade, there is  a rumor that Apple will deliver the third generation iPad in this quarter. Maybe this year we can see newly designed iPhone 5 and new iPod Touch.

FaceTime and iMessage delivered by Apple influence greatly to the carriers, providing the users with free charge videoconferencing and SMS services. These functions are expecting to land on Mac OS X soon, using the same secured and efficient push notifications system that drives iMessage

Not to be outdone, beyond software service, Apple also develops hardware, its iPhone 4S is the first device with Bluetooth 4.0. Until now, Apple has ability to develop mobile processor by itself. Both A4 processor in 2010 and A5 in 2011 are Apple’s works from its mobile processor department.

With the support of these software and hardware, Apple could expand the role of its iPod touch by giving it an expanded 4 to 6 inch screen, which will make iPod Touch become the most competitive handheld gaming devices. With App Store andGameCenter, iPod Touch will attract multiplayer.

Apple will enter into Television Market

Apple will enter into Television Market

According to the oversea media report, Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu made an investor report, he believes that Apple is ready to enter television market, and when they sell television, will continue to sell Apple TV at the same time. Taiwan Technology website DigTime reported there a rumor from the industrial news that Apple are preparing to launch the high definition television at the beginning of next year. It is said that Apple is likely to launch Apple television at the second or third quarter of 2012.

The report said that Apple planned to launch Apple television with 32-inch and 37-inch, called “iTV”. Samsung Electronics and Sharp will provide the chips and screens respectively for the so called “iTV”.

Aim at this report, Shaw Wu explained in his report. ”Frankly speaking, we have been believing Apple should enter television market, and we are not surprised to this report, they should have done like that, because television market is only field that Apple hasn’t set foot in. In addition, we got some information from the accessories manufacturers and subcontractors, and Apple has been applying a patent from 2005, we can see that Apple is ready for entering to the television market. But up to now, Apple only launched its Apple TV box in Jan, 2007.”

Shaw Wu also said that Apple won’t launch the traditional television, but a television of Internet based program to transmit video stream.

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Tablet Market Share in Q3: iPads market share lead cutting

Tablet Market Share in Q3: iPads market share lead cutting

According to the newest data from International Data Corporation (IDC), Apple’s iPad continued to be the best seller, and occupied 61% of the worldwide tablet PC market share in the Q3. However, Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook tablet are predicted to knock a big chunk out of that gap in just the fourth quarter of 2011. IDC shows that worldwide media tablet shipments into sales channels rose by 23.9% on a sequential basis in the third calendar quarter of 2011 to 18.1 million units. iPad accounted for 61% of the third quarter market, with 11.1 million units shipped in the quarter, up from 9.3 million in the second quarter. Its market share fell from 68% in the previous quarter.

Android’s worldwide tablet market share declined in the third quarter, from 33.2% in the second quarter to 32.4%. But the shipment grew from 3.6million units to 6.0 million units. IDC’s research director for mobile connected devices, Tom Mainelli pointed out that Android’s market share will grow over 40% in the forth quarter by the strong sales of Kindle Fire and Barnes & Nobel Nook tablets.

Even so this will make Android success, but it would not be so helpful to Google, which gives Android OS software away for free to earn much money by selling apps and advertizing. However, both Amazon and Barnes & Noble use “forked” versions of Android and use its own apps store service, and transpose Google’s core apps such as Google map and YouTube. So Google gets no financial benefit from these tablets.

IDC also predicted that the forth quarter will be the best season for tablets of the year. The shipment will grow up to 23.6 million unites, which would be equivalent to more than 25% of the quarter’s expected PC sales, at the same time, it would be greater than 18 million unites tablets shipped in 2010.

IDC raised its forecast shipment for the number of tablet shipped in 2011 for the second quarter in a row: it raised it from 53.5 million units to 62.5 million units, and at present it raised it again to 63.3 million units. Even though the shipment in the third quarter fell 5% short of its earlier forecast 19.2million unites.

The third quarter was not a perfect season for any individual Android tablet. Samsung led the field with 5.6% market share, shipped about 1 million units. HP’s TouchPad occupied 5% shard with shipment of 903,000 unites. RIM’s Playbook shipped 199,000 unites with 1.1% share, other 5 million unites Android tablets shipped by other suppliers.

Mainelli said that Amazon and Barnes & Noble are impacting the media tablet market. Their success proves that there is a great need for media tablets beyond iPad, he forecasted that Apple will break the new sales record in the forth quarter.

Mainelli also forecasted that there will be great changes with the tablet market in 2011, and iPad will face a new competition pressure. “We can see in the future that Apple products will be taken place by other non-consumer market, especially in the enterprise and education markets.” said Mainelli.

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Full Details of the coming Apple TV

Full Details of the coming Apple TV

After meeting with some media companies and Apple, the Wall Street Journal published a long report about Apple TV. It says in this report that Apple have appointed a Senior Vice President of Internet Services, Eddy Cue, who is the biggest supporter to this device, his experience with music label and studio is quite important for Apple to create iTV(the rumors call Apple TV to be iTV)

It is said that the founder of iTunes, Jeff Robbin, has held up Apple’s TV project. The Apple’s newest technology is to recognize users across iPhone, iPad, Apple TV.

The following is the relative details about Apple TV:

The report says that Apple TV’s technology in the future would respond to users’ voices and movements, the users can search or change channels via Siri. Its wireless technology AirPlay will also to be used in Apple’s TVs, it has some difference from the AirPlay nowadays. The users can put the videos on mobile devices onto the TV, but some companies, like Time Warner Inc radio station HBO wouldn’t like to user this technology to its applications, because HBO wants to control the appearance ways of its contents by itself.

The report also says that the late co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs had been for the Apple TV being controlled by other iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, to realize its personalized services.

Apple put DVR recorder and iCloud together to Apple TV, thus the users can watch or purchase their videos on its other devices, and needn’t copy or purchase these videos again.

As for Apple will accept the traditional broadcast and cable signal or not is not still clear, though Apple is focusing on developing Apple TV now, but Apple TV won’t make much money for Apple, because the people would not change their TV set so often.

Apple Occupied 61.5% Global Tablet Market in The Third Quarter

Apple Occupied 61.5% Global Tablet Market in The Third Quarter

Marketing research IDC firm reported that Apple occupied 68.3% global tablet PC market share before, about 9.3 million sets iPad 2 have been shipped out in the second quarter 2011. Though this company thinks there is a decline trend that the share would be down to 61.5% in the third quarter, but Apple is still leading the market, the shipment is from 9.3 million in Q2 up to 11.1 million. Apple’s closest competitor, Samsun, has only 5.6 market share, one tenth of Apple. Samsun’s PC market grew 23.9%, increased 264.5% over the same period.

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In addition, from the comparison of Apple with the whole Android tablet PC market, IDC expects that Android tablet PC share will grow rapidly, increased 33.2% in the third quarter, and 40.3% in the forth quarter. But it is worth nothing that like Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes&Noble’s Nook tablet increase rate would likely occupy the most of them.

Morgan Stanley forecasted this morning there will be a great increase in 2012, he said that Apple may sell out 90 million iPad during this year, and 19 million iPhone. It is obviously that analysts have a great expectation on Android 4.0, and hope that it can slow down the advance of iPad.

Apple Will Launch a New iMac with TV Capability

Apple Will Launch a New iMac with TV Capability

Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair asserted to the investors that before an Apple HDTV is unveiled, Apple will first launch an all-in-one iMac with built-in TV capabilities, which would be the path for Apple to enter into TV market.

He believes that Apple will redesign a new iMac with built-in TV capabilities in the 2012 first half, Apple TV software and iCloud access could be built into an all-in-one iMacs. Blair writes in his report:” We think this makes sense. Usually we can only talk about a new big size television, Apple could effectively start with what they already have on the manufacturing line and slowly push their offering from 27 inches and scale up from there to 32 inches and then move on to the 42, 50 and 55 inch market.”

Blair forecasted in September that Apple launch only one new iPhone this year, and it is quite similar to iPhone 4. There has been widespread speculation about Apple TV. But the only hint we can get is “the simplest user interface”, which has been mentioned in the new Steve Jobs biography. But what is the simplest user interface? That is no button, it is to control by voice. So most of analysts firmly believe that Apple TV will be designed with built-in Siri voice recognition technology, give up the traditional TV remote with many buttons.

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