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How to email multiple Photos on iOS 6

How to email multiple Photos on iOS 6

With the new iOS 6, it would be much easier to email photos from your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can now attach photos right from the mail composition screen. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Tap and hold in the body of a mail message
  2. Tap the right arrow button, then tap “Insert Photo or Video”
  3. Find the photos to attach in Camera Roll, choose it, and send the email as usual

More over, you canattach multiple photos to the email by repeating the process.

If you have many photos need to send through Email. It would be quicker send the photos directly from the Camera Roll, because you can easily choose multiple photos and compose an email directly from Photos.

All round this is a very great improvement. With prior versions of iOS, the course of action of attaching photographs is based mostly on using copy & paste and utilizing multitasking to switch between Photos and Mail. Of course that still works in the newest iOS versons too, but the direct insert method outlined above is quite a bit faster and easier to explain.

Here is a step by step guide show you how to transfer photos from iPhone/iPod back to computer.

How to retrieve purchased iOS Apps on iPod iPhone and iPad

How to retrieve purchased iOS Apps on iPod iPhone and iPad

For some reasons, your iOS devices like iPod touch, iPhone or iPad crashed, and you lost all the purchased apps on it. Or you accidently deleted a bough app from your iOS devices, but now you want to retrieve it back without buy it twice. Or you bought a app a long time ago and you never even install it. And here is a step by step guide will show you how to re-download and re-install purchased iOS apps. It’s easier to understand, even you are computer challenger can follow it. I took iPad as example in the guide, the operation steps are the same on iPhone and iPod touch.

  1. Open the “App Store” on your iPad.
  2. Tap on the “Purchased” tab at the bottom of the screen (For iPhone & iPod users, please tap “Updates” and then “Purchased”)
  3. Tap “Not On This iPad” to see the list of apps that are not installed on your iPad
  4. Find the app you wish to retrieve back to your iPad and tap the download icon. It looks like a cloud with an arrow on it.
  5. After the download was finished, you can re-install it on your iPad, that’s all.

What’s advantage of this method?

  1. You can uninstall the apps you are not use frequently to free your iPod, iPhone or iPad space, when you need the apps, you can retrieve it back.
  2. When you need to switch to another iOS devices, you can re-download and re-install the apps, as long as the iOS device is authorized with the same Apple ID.

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How to use iTunes App Store without Credit Card?

How to use iTunes App Store without Credit Card?

As you know, we need a credit card to register iTunes Apple store. But we found a simple way to bypass the limitation, and this way works for both iOS devices including iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac App Store. With this solution, you don’t need to worry about your kids to buy items on iTunes store crazily. In this guide, I took iPhone as a example.

  • Step1. Open your iPhone App Store and click on “Account” from the right-hand side
  • Step2. If currently logged into an Apple account, click on “Sign Out” otherwise click the “Create Apple ID” button (alternatively, you can sign up on the web directly from Apple)
  • Step3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and fill out the Apple ID creation page, set this up for a new email address than your primary app store account
  • Step4. At the “Provide a Payment Method” screen, select “None” as the payment option. Optionally, add a gift certificate to pad the account with an app purchase budget.
  • Step5. Click “Create Apple ID” and verify the email address you provided earlier, your credit card free Mac App Store login is now active.

At the moment plot hooked on the App store up by the just this minute twisted Apple ID as well as the user will be clever in the direction of download one free apps or download updates in the direction of accessible apps.

If you want to transfer your iTunes library to another computer, please follow this iTunes library movie guide.

iOS Activation Beats Android by 1.6M Units during Christmas

iOS Activation Beats Android by 1.6M Units during Christmas

According to the oversea report, the early data shows that the combined power of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch was enough to ensure that Apple iOS activations topped Google’s Android activations by over 1.6 million units on Christmas day. According to the data from Fortune, approximately 4.2 million iOS devices were activated on Christmas Day. Android devices activated on Christmas Eve and Christmas day were only 3.7million, said Andy Rubin, Google Android sales director.

Last year, we noted that a 50% boot in Android activation on Christmas holidays. Android devices daily activation is 700,000 before December 20th, 2011. So min.1.1 million Android devices are supposed to be activated on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day activations would be 2.6 million.

Mobile apps research form Flurry released estimates on how many Android and iOS devices were activated on Christmas day, 6.8 million devices were activated on that day. Though Flurry didn’t break out the data between iOS and Android respectively, but you can get the numbers with 2.6 million activations for Android, we can know iOS devices’ activation on Christmas Day was 4.2 million. If so, iOS devices activation beats Android by 1.6 million. Video Converter for Mac.

“Following the sales between Android and iPhone in the second quarter is two to one, t would be three to one in the third quarter, so iOS devices activations beats Android by 1.6 million, which is likely from the iPad and iPod touch.” Said Elmer-Dewitt of Fortune columnist

Andy Rubin announced last week more than 700,000 Android devices were being activated each day. Apple hasn’t released the data of iOS devices activations for each day and the activations on Christmas Day, but he said in October that the total sales of iOS devices have been over 250 billion unites by October, 2011.

The data above doesn’t include the activation from Amazon’s Kindle Fire which runs a system deeply revised by Android, it wasn’t counted among Mobile Operation System activation data. Amazon ever said that Kindle Fire was the best seller with millions of unites sales, but it didn’t provide the detailed sales data.

Apple will reveal the latest sales figures for iPhone、iPad and Pod touch when it reports its earnings for the first fiscal quarter of 2012.

iOS and Android Control 80% of Smartphone Sales in U.S.

iOS and Android Control 80% of Smartphone Sales in U.S.

According to a new press release issued today by research firm NPD, some of the trends in U.S. Smartphone sales in 2011 compared to previous years, Android and iOS this two platforms to now represent a commanding 80% of the market between them. It can say that Google and Apple remodel a new Smartphone market. Those traditional Smartphone platforms like Blackberry and Windows phone will face a rigorous competition in 2012.

Back in 2006 before the launch of the iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile take 37% market sales for each, Palm takes the third place with 17%. But after five years later, iOS and Android have increased like a bomb, other platforms’ market shares have shrunk dramatically.

In the year past, iOS platform’s market share has grown from 21% to 29%, and Android’s has grown from 42% to 53%. But the third place RIM, its share fall from 44% in 2009 to 25% in 2010, and the share of blackberry is just less than 10% so far.

10 Reasons Why iOS 5 is Still Better than Android 4.0

10 Reasons Why iOS 5 is Still Better than Android 4.0

According to the media abroad reports, both iOS 5 and Android 4.0 come to the world this fall. Steve Kovach of Businessinsider has post a report, and has listed 10 reasons that Android 4.0 can’t still defeat iOS 5 as below:

1. Apple’s App Stores are still the example for Google and Amazon to follow.

Apple’s App Store is the one everyone from Google to Amazon has been striving to imitate. It’s still the best. Up to today, Apple’ App always can select the best App to a well- marked place and make sure you see only the best ones. Developers also tend to take more time to design their iOS apps. Even big-name apps like Facebook, and LinkedIn look and feel more polished than their Android counterparts.

2. Good App prefer to launch on iOS first

Schmidt caused quite a stir this week when he said developers would start making apps .That’s a bold statement, but it can exactly explain that most App prefer to launch iOS, even launch only iOS. So do the developers, they launch iOS first, and then gauge whether they will expand to Android or not. May what Schmidt says could make the trend switch, but Android has no any advantages now at least

3. iOS system touch controls are perfect

iOS has had perfect touch controls since the first iPhone launched in 2007. There’s no jerky lag or sluggishness. In comparison, Android walks with many difficulties, Ice Cream Sandwich improves this problem, but there are still many these or those problems.

4. Easy access to music, movies

Apple always simply provides the best and easiest access to content with the least time. For example, the iTunes store is packed with all the movies, TV shows, and music you could want. With iCloud, you can purchase stuff on one device and download it to another. However, Android is still striving to imitate at this aspect.

5. Solid update schedule for all phones and tablets

If you own an iOS device, you’re guaranteed to always have the latest software update as soon as its available. It doesn’t matter which carrier you’re on or how old your phone or tablet is. But for Android, it has difficulty with software updates, so it will take you months to update your device.

6. Automatic backup with iCloud

iOS 5 provides the function of automatic backup. If you have set your device to automatically back up to iCloud, even your device are crashed, don’t worry, only to login your Apple ID, all the lost data will be back again.

7. Unified e-mail inbox

If you have many email inboxes, it may be trouble to open all the emails inboxes at the same time. iOS’ Mail app lets you view all your incoming messages from all accounts in one unified inbox. Ice CreamSandwichstill doesn’t have this function.

8. Overall design is cleaner

iOS sacrifices customization function to make the interface neat, slick, and clean. All the icons are designed with fingertips, it is convenient and everlasting. Ice CreamSandwichstill doesn’t come close to this level of polish.

9. UI is intuitive

Why we love Apple’s UI consistency in iOS. That’s because Apple’s is really perfect,  no matter what your doing in iOS, browsing the web, writing email, sending massage, everything is easily navigable.

10. You only need one button

Apple gives up the traditional 3 keys design, and successfully proves to all the people that you only need one button to get things done on your phone.