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Best way to copy iPhone SE data to Mac

Best way to copy iPhone SE data to Mac

iPhone SE is the latest iPhone released by a few days ago. It has the same body as iPhone 5s but with more powerful performance. If you don’t like bigger screen like iPhone 6S or Plus, iPhone SE is the best choice for you to become an iPhone fan.


Copy iPhone SE Data to Mac

Since iPhone SE is a smart phone, it’s good idea to copy the iPhone SE data to Mac for backup in case of lose any important files like Contacts, Photos, Messages, Notes, etc. Here I will show you the best way to backup your iPhone data to Mac, it’s not only work for iPhone SE, but also other iPhone series like iPhone 6s/6s plus, iPhone 7, etc.

The tool you need is this Phone Transfer, why I recommend it? Here are a few features you might interested in.

  1. It can backup phone data to Mac and restore it without interfering with the quality.
  2. It is also a phone to phone transfer that enables you to transfer any contents from phone to phone.
  3. It supports cross-platform transfer for data without the risk losing the data or messing up with its quality.
  4. It allows you to transfer iCloud backup to iPhone, Android and other devices easily.
  5. You can use it to transfer music, contacts, photos, video and other types of files from iTunes to your iPhone with ease.

Now, let’s start the guide to copy iPhone SE data to Mac


Step 1: Install the Phone Transfer

Download the Phone Transfer and install it. I have scan the file with Virus Protector like Norton, it’s safe and clean. And then launch the app, you will need to look for the tab labeled “Backup Your Phone” and then click on it. This will take you to the backup window.


Step2. Connect iPhone SE to Mac

Connect your iPhone to your Mac with a USB cable. The Phone Transfer will your iPhone SE automatically as follow:


Step 3: Select iPhone SE Files and Copy to Mac

Now check the data you want to transfer from your iPhone SE to Mac. You can select contacts, text messages, calendar, apps, call logs, and so on. Once have checked the data, you will need to click on “Start Copy” to start copying the data. After the copying process completes, you can check your Mac to verify if the data was copied successfully.

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How to downgrade from iOS 8 back to iOS 7

How to downgrade from iOS 8 back to iOS 7

The official iOS 8 was released a few days ago, you must exist to upgrade to it. But there are some bugs for iOS 8, if you are regret to update to the iOS 8, here is a step by step guide help you downgrade from iOS 8 back to iOS 7. Easy to follow, even you are computer newbie can handle it.


Tips: You’d better to backup your data before the downgrade. iCloud and iTunes can help you do the backup. I’d recommend the iCloud method, it’s easier. Go to your iOS device ‘Settings’ -> ‘Storage & Backup’, turn on the ‘iCloud Backup’, and click ‘Back Up Now’. The backup will be start automatically, it will take a few minutes to finish the backup.


Backup with iCloud
Backup with iCloud


Now. Let’s Start the steps to downgrade iOS. I will take my iPhone as sample in this guide, the operation steps are the same for iPad and iPod Touch.


Step1. Turn off the iPhone. Push the Home button and hold it, while you plug it into the computer. Wait until you see the screen that announces you to connect to iTunes.


Step2. iTunes should announce you that an iPhone is in the recovery mode. It needs to be restored if you want to use it. Click OK.




Step3. Restore the device by clicking the Restore iPhone. A new window will appear. It will ask you if you are sure about restoring your device. Click on the Restore and Update button.


Step4. iTunes will start downloading the official firmware, which is iOS 7.1.1. When the download is done, it will be installed automatically.




Sometimes, you will find your iPhone is stuck in ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen, and then you can follow this guide to get your iPhone out of recovery mode.


If you need more detail steps, here is a step by step video guide from YouTube to help you downgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 7.

How to transfer Contacts and SMS from Blackberry Phone to iPhone

How to transfer Contacts and SMS from Blackberry Phone to iPhone

94% of T-Mobile customers trading in a BlackBerry during promotion, switched to another platform like Android, iOS and Windows. If you are happen to upgrade from Blackberry to Apple iPhone. There must be some important contacts or SMS you want to transfer to the new iPhone. And here is a step by step guide will show you how to do that, as long as you have made a backup of your BlackBerry to computer with the BlackBerry® Desktop Software.


The tool you need is this Phone to Phone Transfer (also named as MobileTrans). I have tried many solutions to transfer the blackberry stuff, freeware and shareware. They are neither have viruses and spyware, nor work. Some even corrupt my computer. And this phone transfer works pretty well, more important, it’s really easy to use. Now, let’s start the guide.


Step1. Backup your Blackberry

You have to make a backup of your Blackberry first. You can download the BlackBerry® Desktop Software free from, link as follow:

And then install the software, lunch it. Connect your Blackberry phone to computer with the USB cable. The software will recognized your blackberry phone, click the Back up Now button, all your blackberry data will be backup on your computer. Remember the backup file where you save on the computer.



Step2. Retrieve the Blackberry Backup to iPhone

Connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable. Download and install the Phone to Phone transfer, launch it. Go to the Backup and Restore mode and click Restore. The Phone transfer will recognize your iPhone as follow image.


On the left side, click the inverted triangle to show the pull-down list. Select BlackBerry backup file. Then, all backup files you have ever made with BlackBerry® Desktop Software are listed out. Select the files you want, click Start Copy button to transfer the files to your new iPhone, that’s all.

How to recover iPhone photos

How to recover iPhone photos

Sometimes, you may delete your iPhone photos by accident, and these photos are really important for you. And here is a step by step guide will show you how to recover your iPhone photos. This tutorial is easy to follow, even you are computer idiot can understand it.


Please pay attention: Don’t sync your iPhone with iTunes. And then set your iPhone into the flight mode and don’t use it until you find those photos. This will increase the ratio to retrieve your iPhone photos.


The tool you need is this iPhone Photos Recovery. This program has both Windows Version and Mac Version, and this guide is based on Windows Version. And we took iPhone 5 as example. Now, let’s start the guide.


Step1. Download iPhone Photo Recovery and install it on your computer, Plug in iPhone to computer. Then you’ll get the main interface as follow.



Step2. You have to set your iPhone into DFU mode to let the software scan your iPhone.

1). Hold your iPhone and click “Start”.
2). Press “Home” and “Power” button at the same time when you click “Start”, and hold for 10 seconds. The iPhone Photo Recovery will count it for you.
3). After 10 seconds, release “Power” and keep pressing “Home” for another 10 seconds.
4. When you’re told that you’ve successfully entered the DFU mode, the iPhone photo recovery will automatically scan your iPhone for data as follow.



Step3. After the scan, the iPhone photo recovery will return a list of all the photos on your iPhone, including the deleted photos. Now you can preview the photos and choose the photos you want to retrieve. And then click “Recover”, that’s all. When the process is finished, you will find the deleted photos back on your iPhone.

How to stop iPhoto and iTunes Launching Automatically

How to stop iPhoto and iTunes Launching Automatically

iPhoto and iTunes will launch automatically when you connect any iOS devices to computer. This is really annoying when you just want to connect your iOS device to computer to just charge the battery or manually sync files to it. And this problem will happen when you connect iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to your computer. Here is a step by step guide will show you how to stop iPhoto and iTunes launch automatically problem.

For iPhoto:

1. Connect your iOS devices like iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to the computer through the USB cable. Let iPhoto open then quit it

2. Now open “Image Capture”, found in the /Applications/ folder. In the lower left corner, click the little pulldown menu next to “Connecting this iPhone opens” and choose “No application”

3. Quit out of Image Capture. That’s all. The next time you connect the your iOS devices to the Mac, the iPhoto app will no longer launch itself automatically.

For iTunes:

1. Connect your iOS device to the computer.

2. Inside iTunes, click on the device and then click on the ‘Summary’ tab. Scroll to the bottom of the Summary tab selections until you see “Options”.

3. Click on the checkbox next to ‘Open iTunes when this iPhone is connected’ – wording will be slightly different if your device is an iPad or iPod or whatever.

4. Close iTunes. That’s all. iTunes will no longer launch itself automatically when you connect the your iOS devices to computer.

How to retrieve purchased iOS Apps on iPod iPhone and iPad

How to retrieve purchased iOS Apps on iPod iPhone and iPad

For some reasons, your iOS devices like iPod touch, iPhone or iPad crashed, and you lost all the purchased apps on it. Or you accidently deleted a bough app from your iOS devices, but now you want to retrieve it back without buy it twice. Or you bought a app a long time ago and you never even install it. And here is a step by step guide will show you how to re-download and re-install purchased iOS apps. It’s easier to understand, even you are computer challenger can follow it. I took iPad as example in the guide, the operation steps are the same on iPhone and iPod touch.

  1. Open the “App Store” on your iPad.
  2. Tap on the “Purchased” tab at the bottom of the screen (For iPhone & iPod users, please tap “Updates” and then “Purchased”)
  3. Tap “Not On This iPad” to see the list of apps that are not installed on your iPad
  4. Find the app you wish to retrieve back to your iPad and tap the download icon. It looks like a cloud with an arrow on it.
  5. After the download was finished, you can re-install it on your iPad, that’s all.

What’s advantage of this method?

  1. You can uninstall the apps you are not use frequently to free your iPod, iPhone or iPad space, when you need the apps, you can retrieve it back.
  2. When you need to switch to another iOS devices, you can re-download and re-install the apps, as long as the iOS device is authorized with the same Apple ID.

If you want to retrieve songs from iPod/iPhone/iPad to computer, you can follow this step by step iPod songs transfer to computer guide.


How to customize background wallpaper on iPhone iPod and iPad

How to customize background wallpaper on iPhone iPod and iPad

You must have some cool or funny photos that you want to set as a wallpaper on your iOS devices, like family photos, awesome pictures, movie scene, etc. And this step by step guide will show you how to customize the iOS wallpaper.

I take iPad as example on this guide, this method also works for iPhone and iPod. Assuming you have already the photos on your computer.

  1. Connect iPad to computer, use iTunes to sync the photos to iPad. If the photos is on web, you can download it straight to your iPad.
  2. Open iPad “Photos” app and tap on the photo you want to set as the wallpaper, Tap the arrow icon in the corner and choose “Use as Wallpaper”.
  3. Use gestures to size and place the wallpaper as you want it to display on the iPad screen. And then select either “Set Lock Screen” or “Set Home Screen” or “Set Both” if you want the image to be set as the background for both
  4. That’s all. Push the Home button and you will see the new background wallpaper.

If you are looking for more cool games for iPad, go to this iPad games download website.