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How to record Mac screen

How to record Mac screen

Many friends ask me which software is good for recording Mac screen. And I found a review about 7 Mac Screen Record Apps, this list show you the Pros and Cons. I’m sure you will find one you need.

What Mac Screen Recorder can do for you?

  1. You can use Screen Recorder to make video tutorial.
  2. You can record online video or movie, burn them to DVD.
  3. You can record the game when you play on Mac and share it to YouTube
  4. You can record the video chat.
  5. You can show your client something you’re working on whilst you explain the concept

And here is side-by-side review about Screen Record for Mac.

Mac Blu-ray Ripper and Converter Review

Mac Blu-ray Ripper and Converter Review

If you are going to buy an external blu-ray drive for your Mac, I think this Blu-ray Ripper Review would be useful for you. With a Blu-ray drive and Blu-ray ripper, you can easily copy blu-ray movie to your Mac or burn the Blu-ray movie to DVD to play on DVD player, and this review collects a blu-ray ripper for mac and a blu-ray converter for Mac. It will help you how to choose the right one for your Mac.

Here is the Blu-ray Ripper and Converter Review address.

Why do we need Blu-ray Ripper Converter for Mac Software?

1. Blu-ray disc has AACS and BD+ protection protection, you need blu-ray ripper software to decrypt the protection.

2. Copy blu-ray movie to computer for backup, avoid the blu-ray disc scratched.

3. Most Blu-ray discs have region codes protection, blu-ray ripper can remove it.

4. You don’t have a blu-ray player, so blu-ray software can help you burn blu-ray movie to DVD to play on your TV through DVD player.

5. Convert Blu-ray movie to the right format for portable players like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Zune, PSP, Zen, Mobile Phone, MP3/MP4 player, etc.

6. Rip and Convert Blu-ray movie to various video formats. Such as Blu-ray to MKV, Blu-ray to AVi, Blu-ray to Blu-ray to WMV, etc.

7. You love the song in the blu-ray movie, blu-ray ripper can help you extract audio from blu-ray movie as mp3 songs.

8. You want some video clips from the blu-ray movie for editing or uploading to YouTube, Facebook, Blog, etc.

Full Details of the coming Apple TV

Full Details of the coming Apple TV

After meeting with some media companies and Apple, the Wall Street Journal published a long report about Apple TV. It says in this report that Apple have appointed a Senior Vice President of Internet Services, Eddy Cue, who is the biggest supporter to this device, his experience with music label and studio is quite important for Apple to create iTV(the rumors call Apple TV to be iTV)

It is said that the founder of iTunes, Jeff Robbin, has held up Apple’s TV project. The Apple’s newest technology is to recognize users across iPhone, iPad, Apple TV.

The following is the relative details about Apple TV:

The report says that Apple TV’s technology in the future would respond to users’ voices and movements, the users can search or change channels via Siri. Its wireless technology AirPlay will also to be used in Apple’s TVs, it has some difference from the AirPlay nowadays. The users can put the videos on mobile devices onto the TV, but some companies, like Time Warner Inc radio station HBO wouldn’t like to user this technology to its applications, because HBO wants to control the appearance ways of its contents by itself.

The report also says that the late co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs had been for the Apple TV being controlled by other iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, to realize its personalized services.

Apple put DVR recorder and iCloud together to Apple TV, thus the users can watch or purchase their videos on its other devices, and needn’t copy or purchase these videos again.

As for Apple will accept the traditional broadcast and cable signal or not is not still clear, though Apple is focusing on developing Apple TV now, but Apple TV won’t make much money for Apple, because the people would not change their TV set so often.