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Imagine the Future – How Will Be Mac OS X After Ten Years Later?

Imagine the Future – How Will Be Mac OS X After Ten Years Later?

2011 is the ten year anniversaries of Mac OS X, iPod, iTunes and Apple’s retail operations. Apple also launched iCloud、iAd and Siri in 2011. How will be Mac OS X in next decade as a cornerstone of Apple.

The next ten years of Mac OS X: core OS and web technologies
Steve Jobs launched the first 10.0 version of Mac OS X in March 2011, saying it as a platform that Apple will use over the next fifteen years. When he said that, it is likely because NeXT company was just its 15 years old in 2001.

Ten years ago, when software being pushed forward by Linux and the FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD open source projects, Apple wanted to leverage the proven technology and enable potential of NeXTSTEP’s Unix core, and wanted to use Mac OS X as a competitor with Microsoft’s Windows NT. However, Apple has been the main supplier of UNIX workstations in the past ten years, and leading Nnix’s development.

Apple has its own CUPS, the open Common Unix Printing System used by Linux and Unix distributions, and has taken the lead in replacing the aging GNU C Compiler (originally released by Richard Stallman in 1987 as the core of a free development toolchain for Unix) with its own next generation LLVM/Clang/LLDB development tools, because Mac and iOS devices share the same Xcode development tools. Combine this technology, Apple’s deploying technologies will gain broad attention.

Apple is leading the development to open source web browser with WebKit, which has pushed commercial web way from adobe Flash and Miroshoft’s Silverlight, supported to open up HTML5 standard. Apple shares its own Canvas 2D HTML drawing technology and other related CSS、JavaScript.

Apple also has been positively promoting OpenGL and OpenGL ES technology, developing OpenCL technology, this new pictures technology makes us finish complicated tasks in any and all available processor cores.

Even though the user interface of Mac OS X Lion is simpler and simpler, but its underpinnings are still complex, with GCD technology, Mac OS X can better take advantage of multiple cores and new types of processor cores, as well as new storage technology, such as solid state disk, etc. At the same time, Apple has removed the outdated system API, such as Carbon. What Mac OS X Lion focuses is only 64-bitCocoa.
The profit is the main motive force of development
In the next decade, Apple will continue to lead the development of Web standard, and put operation system technology into the greater Unix community. The pace will be faster because Apple now has a different position in the technology world. It will continue to push operation system and soft development technology, because most of Apple’s hardware devices can make great profit for the company. The shipment of Apple PC may pass HP next year, Apple’s smartphone and personal music player business will leads Nokia, Samsung or Sony.

Beyond unit sales, Apple also earns far more in revenues and profits than any of the various hardware makers it competes with in device sales. In addition, Apple is one of the few companies to open their own soft platform, which gives it a unique ability to chart its own future. The failure of HP’s Palm  Web OS , Nokia’s Symbian and RIM’s BlackBerry make Apple unique.
Simplicity shift
Apple will continue to simplify away complexities in the computers, for example, the traditional document system, replacing it with cloud-coordinated services. App Store 、iCloud、internet recovery and iTune Match have already revolutionized how software and content is distributed and stored, these new technology has reduced the dependence on traditional media.

In the past decade, Apple has developed  Multi-touch  technology, greatly enhancing the easy of use for mobile devices, and in the next decade, Siri is likely to lead a new revolution, this natural voice operation is much more intuitive than mousing or keyboard operation. Apple is expected to venture into new markets in the future, something like Apple’s HDTV that people have been talking about recently.

10 Reasons Why iOS 5 is Still Better than Android 4.0

10 Reasons Why iOS 5 is Still Better than Android 4.0

According to the media abroad reports, both iOS 5 and Android 4.0 come to the world this fall. Steve Kovach of Businessinsider has post a report, and has listed 10 reasons that Android 4.0 can’t still defeat iOS 5 as below:

1. Apple’s App Stores are still the example for Google and Amazon to follow.

Apple’s App Store is the one everyone from Google to Amazon has been striving to imitate. It’s still the best. Up to today, Apple’ App always can select the best App to a well- marked place and make sure you see only the best ones. Developers also tend to take more time to design their iOS apps. Even big-name apps like Facebook, and LinkedIn look and feel more polished than their Android counterparts.

2. Good App prefer to launch on iOS first

Schmidt caused quite a stir this week when he said developers would start making apps .That’s a bold statement, but it can exactly explain that most App prefer to launch iOS, even launch only iOS. So do the developers, they launch iOS first, and then gauge whether they will expand to Android or not. May what Schmidt says could make the trend switch, but Android has no any advantages now at least

3. iOS system touch controls are perfect

iOS has had perfect touch controls since the first iPhone launched in 2007. There’s no jerky lag or sluggishness. In comparison, Android walks with many difficulties, Ice Cream Sandwich improves this problem, but there are still many these or those problems.

4. Easy access to music, movies

Apple always simply provides the best and easiest access to content with the least time. For example, the iTunes store is packed with all the movies, TV shows, and music you could want. With iCloud, you can purchase stuff on one device and download it to another. However, Android is still striving to imitate at this aspect.

5. Solid update schedule for all phones and tablets

If you own an iOS device, you’re guaranteed to always have the latest software update as soon as its available. It doesn’t matter which carrier you’re on or how old your phone or tablet is. But for Android, it has difficulty with software updates, so it will take you months to update your device.

6. Automatic backup with iCloud

iOS 5 provides the function of automatic backup. If you have set your device to automatically back up to iCloud, even your device are crashed, don’t worry, only to login your Apple ID, all the lost data will be back again.

7. Unified e-mail inbox

If you have many email inboxes, it may be trouble to open all the emails inboxes at the same time. iOS’ Mail app lets you view all your incoming messages from all accounts in one unified inbox. Ice CreamSandwichstill doesn’t have this function.

8. Overall design is cleaner

iOS sacrifices customization function to make the interface neat, slick, and clean. All the icons are designed with fingertips, it is convenient and everlasting. Ice CreamSandwichstill doesn’t come close to this level of polish.

9. UI is intuitive

Why we love Apple’s UI consistency in iOS. That’s because Apple’s is really perfect,  no matter what your doing in iOS, browsing the web, writing email, sending massage, everything is easily navigable.

10. You only need one button

Apple gives up the traditional 3 keys design, and successfully proves to all the people that you only need one button to get things done on your phone.