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Best way to copy iPhone SE data to Mac

Best way to copy iPhone SE data to Mac

iPhone SE is the latest iPhone released by a few days ago. It has the same body as iPhone 5s but with more powerful performance. If you don’t like bigger screen like iPhone 6S or Plus, iPhone SE is the best choice for you to become an iPhone fan.


Copy iPhone SE Data to Mac

Since iPhone SE is a smart phone, it’s good idea to copy the iPhone SE data to Mac for backup in case of lose any important files like Contacts, Photos, Messages, Notes, etc. Here I will show you the best way to backup your iPhone data to Mac, it’s not only work for iPhone SE, but also other iPhone series like iPhone 6s/6s plus, iPhone 7, etc.

The tool you need is this Phone Transfer, why I recommend it? Here are a few features you might interested in.

  1. It can backup phone data to Mac and restore it without interfering with the quality.
  2. It is also a phone to phone transfer that enables you to transfer any contents from phone to phone.
  3. It supports cross-platform transfer for data without the risk losing the data or messing up with its quality.
  4. It allows you to transfer iCloud backup to iPhone, Android and other devices easily.
  5. You can use it to transfer music, contacts, photos, video and other types of files from iTunes to your iPhone with ease.

Now, let’s start the guide to copy iPhone SE data to Mac


Step 1: Install the Phone Transfer

Download the Phone Transfer and install it. I have scan the file with Virus Protector like Norton, it’s safe and clean. And then launch the app, you will need to look for the tab labeled “Backup Your Phone” and then click on it. This will take you to the backup window.


Step2. Connect iPhone SE to Mac

Connect your iPhone to your Mac with a USB cable. The Phone Transfer will your iPhone SE automatically as follow:


Step 3: Select iPhone SE Files and Copy to Mac

Now check the data you want to transfer from your iPhone SE to Mac. You can select contacts, text messages, calendar, apps, call logs, and so on. Once have checked the data, you will need to click on “Start Copy” to start copying the data. After the copying process completes, you can check your Mac to verify if the data was copied successfully.

Here are more free resources for iPhone users

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2 Free ways to transfer files from iPad to Mac

2 Free ways to transfer files from iPad to Mac

Method 1. Transfer iPad files to Mac with Email

The greatest advantage of using the e-mail way to send a file is that you don’t need USB cord to connect your iPad to your Mac, they don’t even have to be close, as you can send the file from your iPad when you are away from home and open it later when you are by your Macbook.

Step 1. The important thing that we should make clear is that sending a file from an iPad via e-mail actually starts with the file itself. So, for example, if you are sending a PDF file, open it and then choose the shown button in the upper-right corner, and then select E-mail photo.

Step 2. You will be taken to your mail client. Fill out all the needed fields and send the e-mail to the desired address.

Step 3. Next, simply use your Mac to access your e-mail account, open the right e-mail and download the file. Note that the e-mail you are sending the file to and the mail you are opening on your Mac need to be the same.


Method 2. Transfer iPad files to Mac with TunesGo

Step 1. Connect iPad with Mac via a USB cable and launch the iPad to Mac transfer tool – TunesGo. iPad to Mac transfer app will detect your iPad automatically. You will notice that TunesGo has recognized your device and that it is connecting it.

Step 2. Select the file type. As you can see, you can choose from various types of files listed in the left part of the screen, like Music, Movies, Photos etc. For this tutorial, we will choose to transfer movies from iPad to Mac. Click on Movies on the left and you will get a screen that will list all available movies on your iPad. You simply have to select the movies you want to transfer now by clicking on them and marking them.

Step 3. Next, notice the Export button above the Movies list. You should click the Export button, and then make a selection to Export to Mac. This will export the files to your Macbook.

How to transfer Contacts and SMS from Blackberry Phone to iPhone

How to transfer Contacts and SMS from Blackberry Phone to iPhone

94% of T-Mobile customers trading in a BlackBerry during promotion, switched to another platform like Android, iOS and Windows. If you are happen to upgrade from Blackberry to Apple iPhone. There must be some important contacts or SMS you want to transfer to the new iPhone. And here is a step by step guide will show you how to do that, as long as you have made a backup of your BlackBerry to computer with the BlackBerry® Desktop Software.


The tool you need is this Phone to Phone Transfer (also named as MobileTrans). I have tried many solutions to transfer the blackberry stuff, freeware and shareware. They are neither have viruses and spyware, nor work. Some even corrupt my computer. And this phone transfer works pretty well, more important, it’s really easy to use. Now, let’s start the guide.


Step1. Backup your Blackberry

You have to make a backup of your Blackberry first. You can download the BlackBerry® Desktop Software free from, link as follow:

And then install the software, lunch it. Connect your Blackberry phone to computer with the USB cable. The software will recognized your blackberry phone, click the Back up Now button, all your blackberry data will be backup on your computer. Remember the backup file where you save on the computer.



Step2. Retrieve the Blackberry Backup to iPhone

Connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable. Download and install the Phone to Phone transfer, launch it. Go to the Backup and Restore mode and click Restore. The Phone transfer will recognize your iPhone as follow image.


On the left side, click the inverted triangle to show the pull-down list. Select BlackBerry backup file. Then, all backup files you have ever made with BlackBerry® Desktop Software are listed out. Select the files you want, click Start Copy button to transfer the files to your new iPhone, that’s all.

How to transfer bookmarks between PC and Mac

How to transfer bookmarks between PC and Mac

If you are a Windows PC user, and now you switch to Mac, or from Mac to PC. There must be some website bookmarks you want to transfer between PC and Mac. And this step by step guide will show you how to copy bookmarks from PC to Mac and from Mac to PC for free and safe. The program you need is Firefox. Firefox is a free and cross-platform Browser. It works on both windows system and mac. You can download firefox from here for free.

How to transfer bookmark from Mac to PC

  1. Launch Firefox browser and click the “Bookmarks” menu, and then click the “Show All Bookmarks” menu.
  2. Click the Import and Backup button in the popup dialog, and then select “Export HTML”.
  3. Save the html file to your Mac hard drive, and then you can email the HTML file to your windows computer or use an external drive to copy the HTML file to your PC.
  4. Now go to your windows PC. Run Firefox and select the “Bookmarks” — “Show All Bookmarks” menu like you did on the Mac.
  5. Click the “Import and Backup” button and then select the “Import Bookmarks from HTML”.
  6. Browse to the HTML file you transfer to your PC, and click “Open” to import the bookmarks. Firefox will automatically load the bookmarks. That’s all. It couldn’t be easier to transfer bookmarks like that.


Transfer bookmark from PC to Mac is exactly the same as above, so I’m not repeat it here. Enjoy my guide. If you want to transfer files like songs, videos, movies or data. You can follow this guide to transfer files between Mac and PC through local network.


How to transfer files from Mac to PC

How to transfer files from Mac to PC

If you are a Mac user and you are going to get a Windows. There must be some files on Mac like songs, photos, document, data, videos that you want to transfer to Mac. If your PC and Mac are in the same Local network, you can use “Samba Support” to do the job easily.

Samba (SMB) is a separate sharing option within OS X’s File Sharing panel; you can follow these steps to enable the SMB on your Mac.

  1. Launch “System Preferences” and click on “Sharing”
  2. Click the checkbox next to “File Sharing” to enable it
  3. Once File Sharing is turned on, select it and then click on the “Options…” button
  4. Click the check box next to “Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)”
  5. Now click on the checkbox next to the user accounts you want to share or access from Windows – when you click to enable SMB sharing on a user account, you will be asked for that users password. Click on “Done”

After you turn the SMB, you can now connect from your PC to the Mac. If you already know the Macs IP address you can pass this first part of this and go directly to the Windows PC to access the shared users directory.

Connect from your PC to the Mac File Share

Back at the ‘Sharing” system preference panel, take note of your Macs IP address as seen below, discard the afp:// portion and pay attention to the numbers in the format of x.x.x.x


1. From the PC connecting to the Mac:
2. Go to the Start menu and choose “Run” or hit Control+R from the Windows desktop
3. Enter the IP address of the Mac in the format of \\\ and choose “OK”
4. Enter the shared Mac OS X users login and password and click on “OK”
5. Access to the shared Mac directory and user files appear as any other folder within Windows. You’re free to copy or access individual files, or perform more substantial tasks like transferring an iTunes library from a PC to a Mac.

What about the .DS_Store files?

Depending on the Windows PC settings, you might see a bunch of .DS_Store files on the Mac file system. These are normal but if you’re peeved by them, you can disable .DS_Store files by entering the following defaults write command in OS X’s Terminal:

defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true

If you want them back, just switch that to ‘false’ at the end.

A new iTunes alternative – iTool

A new iTunes alternative – iTool

ITools launched a new version that perfectly supported iOS5, wireless management, and Mac version.

If you want to transfer iPod songs, videos, photos, movies, playlists to Mac, please use this iPod to Mac Transfer

iTools Beta announced on Oct.28th: The new version fully and perfectly supports iOS5 and wireless management. The long-expected pictures importing function optimizes the show for music store in the media management. At the same time they grandly promoted iTools preview version for Mac OS X. Until now, iTools has been the NO.1 for the third party Apple management software which is cross platform and supports iOS5 in the world.

At 23:58 on Oct 28th,2011: After launched the version supported iOS5 one week ago, iTools launched again the new version 1028, which added the importing pictures function that the last version is lack of, and Wireless synchronization management function that the fans have been highly expecting, at this situation, iTools launched the preview version for Mac OSX

Thus, iTools has been the NO.1 for the third party Apple management  software that is cross platform and supports iOS5 in the world, which means iTools is not only for the windows users , it pays more attention to the serials users of Apple products.

iTools 2011 for Mac OS X features 

  • Support iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod touch 1/2/3/4
  • Support iOS 1/2/3/4/5
  • Support to connected numbers of iOS devices
  • Support iOS devices information test
  • Support to import application program in the local program library automatically
  • Support to install, upgrade, uninstall for numbers of devices at the same time
  • Support to query the upgraded information of program in the local program library
  • Support to manage the iTunes’s backup function
  • Support to change pxl format into ipa format
  • Support to install, delete, backup for the application program of the devices
  • Support the management function, documents information show for the document system

Download iTools for Mac for free