Best Alternatives to Mac Screen Capture Software Preview

Best Alternatives to Mac Screen Capture Software Preview

Mac Preview is the default screen capture program which comes pre-installed on every Mac OS. Regarding its functionality, however, Mac Preview comes with drawbacks in many aspects, and with limited functionality as originally it is meant to be a browser/viewer for images and PDF files with the simplicityto let you view pictures and documents. Therefore several alternatives are available on the market which have enhanced features, multiple options to customize its settings and not only go with a one-way screen capturing. However, due to their diverse offerings, you should be aware of the options on the market to find the most suitable alternative for yourself. Therefore in this article we are going to show you the 2 best alternatives to Mac Preview and how you can use them for your own benefit.

Macdvd Free Screen Recorder Online

Free Online Screen Recorder

In case you are looking for a more flexible, free alternative screen capture solution, Macdvd Free Screen Recorder Online is the best tool which you can find when you consider online alternatives. The advantage of this tool is that it still retains the key functions of the more comprehensive offline Screen Grabber Pro, therefore you are always offered a stable, cloud-based access regardless of what device you are using to run it on. This tool also comes with an emerging toolbar where you can comfortable set up your screen capturing to be tailored to your needs within a few simple clicks.


Screen Capture Quickcast

Another alternative designed to make up for the limited functions of the Mac Preview tool is Quickcast, an incredible app that any Mac user can use to capture their Mac screens. As the name implies, this free app is very fast as the developers put special focus on speed, although it might go for the and allows you to share your screencast via a QuickCast portal. This screen casting app will also allow you to embed your recordings to WebPages and blog posts.

Useful Apps for teachers in 2017

Useful Apps for teachers in 2017

As a teacher, you might want to make a few changes to your daily teaching with the white board, and look for the best classroom apps. We cannot deny the fact that many students are getting bored with the traditional teaching methods and some are so lazy in writing down notes and lectures. For instance, some students cannot even understand what you are trying to teach them for the reason that the content is hard to understand or they simply just don’t find it interesting. Also, sometimes too many tasks make your work a mess and waste your time, but you don’t know how to improve this situation. To help you overcome these issues, here we recommend to you 7 apps which can add some twist of fun into your class and give your students some different experience while learning.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a modern white board app can help you in real-time discussion and illustration. It is good for all teachers, especially for teachers who teach computations, arts and other engineering or architecture-related subjects. You can draw, type words and more using this tool. To allow your students see your presentation, you can share the links to them or you may try ApowerMirror when using Explain Everything in the class.

Google Classroom


Google Classroom is definitely on the list of best classroom apps. With it, teachers can easily manage the classes while students can receive their tasks and assignments through their email. And teachers can give real-time feedback for students’ homework, which saves a lot of time. In case your class is using the G Suite, each student will have their own email and cloud storage. Google Classroom and G Suite are both free to use.



Another great application which can help you communicate easily and efficiently with your students is the Slack app. This can let you create groups which you may use on you individual classes. You can converse with them regarding their assignments, reports and other questions. Furthermore, files can also be shared through it, such as word documents, pdf files, photos and more.



ClassDojo is where teachers, parents and students can interact with each other. What makes it one of the top educational apps is that it can help parents know the behaviors of their children, and they can communicate with their kids at home, which is great for education and growth of the students. You may send alerts, feedbacks and remarks to parents with ease. Moreover, you may also let the students accept assignments in this app. And in this app, teachers can also record the performance of each student. To make it possible, all you need to do is to set up the classroom on the platform and let the parents download the app.



If you are looking for a classroom management app, TeacherKit is the best for you. This top educational app makes you feel that classroom management is not as hard as the traditional way. This in fact can help you in recording the students’ attendance, adding notes for the lesson, performance checking, grade recording and more. Aside from that, you can add as many classes as you want. You can tap on each subject and check for the schedule, the average attendance and the average grades. And note that all your files and records are safe in this app.



ApowerMirror can be listed in one of the best apps for teachers as it allows you to display all your mobile content on a bigger screen. Thus, your classroom will be much more interesting if you put some media resources on your phone, so that you can show those videos and photos during the class which might help your students learn more new ideas and link the theory with the practice better. This program can be applied for Mac and Windows PC. As for mobile, Android devices can get it from Google Play while iPhone can work with the desktop application via AirPlay.

And as one of the best classroom apps, it now adds a new feature – Whiteboard. With it, you can use the computer mouse to draw on the displayed phone screen, which can be useful in explaining some concepts or science teaching. What’s more, it has no limitation of the number of mobiles. So you can connect your phone to display your teaching resources, and your students can also show their works on the mobiles to the whole class. However, it only shares at most 2 devices’ screen (one Android and one iPhone) at the same time. Also, you may connect your laptop to a projector for a larger screen experience.



Kahoot lets you launch a fun learning game for your students. You can create a series of multiple choice questions which are related to your topic. You may also add images or videos to your questions to encourage them more engaged with the class. The question and the choices are shown on the projector screen and the students need to make a choice for each quiz on their mobiles, tablets or kindles.

It is interesting for students as they can join in the game like the player in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and it is good for teachers to check for understanding as the results of students’ answers will be displayed after each quiz.

These are the best apps which can help you out in your teaching career this year. Keep close attention to the other tools that you may use in the coming years!

Free Webpage Capture Apps

Free Webpage Capture Apps

Do you want other people to see what you see on your computer’s monitor?  There are times that a person who wants to capture full web page screenshots because of their different purposes. There are many factors that trigger a person to take make some screenshots in order to accomplish some tasks. One common reason why some people tend to take web snapshots is they want to let other people see the monitor of their personal computer or desktops.

If you want to record or download the video from webpage, you can check this guide of downloading online video.


There are also some people who take screenshots in order to save the original appearance of a certain webpage. The desire of many people to take snapshots leads to the development of tools and websites that allow screenshots so that many people can effectively create or generate screenshots. There are many ways that can help you take snapshots and screenshots of your laptop’s monitor.

You can use webpage screenshot, software and online screen capture tool in order to make screenshots to your computer’s monitor. There are also many online tools that can help you take screenshot of a certain webpage. To give you insights about an online tool that allows webpage screenshot, here’s a list of online tools that you can use to take screenshots:

Webpage Screenshot Capture

One of the leading tools that allow taking screenshots is the webpage screenshot capture. There are now many people who prefer to use webpage screenshot capture because it comes with great features. To use the features of webpage screenshot capture, you just need to paste the URL of the site you want to be captured. It comes with customizable image quality and size. There are settings that you can use in order to take screenshots. Webpage Screenshot Capture is equipped with free cloud storage for pictures and abundant editing options in order to acquire the desired results of screenshots. Compared to other screenshots tools and websites, many people prefer to use Webpage Screenshot Capture because of great features and excellent screenshots that they can acquire through using this tool or website that allows taking screenshots.

Capture Full Page

It is an online tool and website that can help people take screenshots.  You just need to paste the URL of the site. Capture Full Page is indeed a great help for many people to take some snapshots and screenshots.  You can capture screenshots by just entering the URL of the page. It also allows users to acquire some options in terms of taking some snapshots. Capture Full Page also consists of great features that many people would relatively love to have in order to take some snapshots and screenshots properly and easily.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot is a compact plugin that goes with Chrome and other browsers. Once installed, you’re able to create snapshots in the manner of making a few clicks. This extension enables users to capture screen and annotate on it with built-in toolbar. You can also snapshot the entire webpage including the part extends beyond the screen. Once an image has been captured, you’re allowed to save it right away or to upload to cloud server provided by the publisher. And if you prefer, you can also associate your account with this tool and create a project on your own space with all screenshots saved in it. This setting is extremely beneficial for website designers, web maters ,blogggers and people who need to do website works.


Based from the feedbacks of most people who love taking screenshots, the Webpage Screenshot Capture is the best website and tool that allows users to take some screenshots. All the features of Webpage Screenshot Capture are great that can relatively empower many people acquire excellent screenshot results. You may also read more details about how to snapshot entire webpage.

Top 5 Free Video To Gif Converters

Top 5 Free Video To Gif Converters

What’s GIF? It’s a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images. So convert a video file into a short GIF file will make it smaller and easier to manage. There are many free online converters and apps can convert video to GIF, I review and collect 5 Video to GIF converters for you, they are clean and easy to use.

video to gif converter

What’s the advantages of GIF file?

  1. GIF files have relatively small file sizes; this means that they can be used easily online for Blog, Website, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  2. GIFs supports transparent backgrounds, so you can make a professional look to your website with an animation over a different background.
  3. GIFs is that can show something in a better way than would normally be possible as they can show emotions and movement which a still image may not be able to, this might also be helpful when creating tutorial animations.

#1. EzGif

EzGif video to gif converter

EzGif is the most versatile online service which provides many unwanted options to create the GIF image. This is only suitable for those users who know about video editing and doesn’t have any problem to go through the long complex processes. After conversion, you can even crop the GIF image, resize it or change the speed of GIF image.

#2. Makeagif

Makeagif video to gif converter

Makeagif is actually a dream world for a GIF lover, with thousands of GIF images on the website, it allows you to create GIF images in very simple steps. Upload the photo, set timing for your Image, loop and ratings for your GIF image and hit the convert button to start the conversion process. Once the GIF image is created, you can either download it or share with your friends on different social networking websites.

#3. Imgur

Imgur video to gif converter

This last option is only useful for those users who want to create GIF images from the online video sharing websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo. Simply copy the link of the video from any website and select the start and end time. The only option that you can use is the addition of the text on a video in Video to GIF by Imgur.

#4. TunesOver


TunesOver is a perfect and a great desktop application available for both Windows PC and Mac OS X that will convert any type of the video into GIF image. You don’t need to have the internet connection to convert the video and the best part is that you don’t have to upload the private videos. In other words, it is a great tool from the security point of view. The GIF maker feature is located in the tool kit of the TunesOver and it provides most useful and perfect options for output GIF images. You can change the output size of the GIF image, frame rate of the image and can also change the start and end time to cut the GIF image from the video. Last but not the least feature of the TunesOver is that it will work with any video format.

#5. Imgflip

Imgflip video to gif maker

Top in the list is an amazing service provided by one of the most famous image hosting website, Imgflip. One feature which differentiates this tool from remaining services is that you can also convert the YouTube videos to the GIF images. Simply paste the address of the YouTube and it will automatically convert it to the GIF image. Moreover, it provides many options to change the frame rate, speed, and size of the video, but these options are only available for the pro version.

Best MKV to AVI Converter – Free and Fast

Best MKV to AVI Converter – Free and Fast

If you are looking for some converters to convert your MKV video to AVI or MP4 video, here is list collects 5 free converters for you, both are save and the conversion quality is good.



1. Online-converter

When you enter the main page of this converter, you will find 7 category files can be converted. It can be called a video converter, audio converter, image converter, document converter, Ebook converter, and etc. Just upload the file you want to convert, and it will easily help to make it. As for converting MKV to AVI, you just need to select your target format as AVI under “video converter” category and then step by step to make the conversion.


2. Apowersoft Converter

3 steps make the conversion freely and simply. Just browse your source file, set output format settings, and then click the green button “Convert”. How about the speed of this online MKV to AVI converter, this converter guarantees high speed conversion. It converts fast for small sized videos, but it may take longer for large sized videos.


3. Convertfiles

This online MKV to AVI converter converts at high speed. It enables 330 combinations of input and output file formats. And also it guarantees file security and private. Your converted file will be destroyed within 24 hours, and no one will have access to to it except you. Besides, this converter supports multiple file conversion, including video, audio, image, ARCHIVE, DOCUMENT, PRESENTATION, E-BOOK,and etc.


4. Cellsea Converter

The downside of Cellsea is that it can only convert files less than 25 MB. It lets you convert files from uploading files from a PC or entering a video url. For converting your MKV movie to AVI, I guess your movie must be more than that size limitation. Then you can try the desktop video converter below.


5. Benderconverter

Benderconverter, as an online MKV to AVI converter, supports converting files uploaded from your computer. The free verison needs your uploaded MKV files should be less than 100 MB. If your movie is beyond this limitation, you need to register it for $9.95 per month to get a paid version. However, it is worthy of the payment. The maximum file size will be 500 MB. The files to be converted per day have no limitation.

Here is one more converter I want to recommend. It’s not free, but I’m sure you will not regret to get it. It’s not only a video converter that supports almost all video format. But also a DVD Burner, DVD Copy, YouTube Downloader, Audio Converter and DVD Ripper. One software can do all the media conversion task, that’s what you need!

Learn More about All-In-One Media Converter