Rumors about Apple New TV

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster attended Business Insider’s Ignition, he reiterated and believed that Apple is going to launch an Apple TV next year. Actually, Munster told people in the conference:” Apple TV is quite good, if you want to buy a TV, you can wait and wait”.

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The following are the details we include from Muster:

1. The current TV is an external device, you have to plug into a TV set and you can watch the TV, but Apple TV is completely different from the current TV, it is a stand-alone TV.

2. Why Apple launch a TV set not external gadgets, because Apple think people hate plugging external gadgets into their TVs.(It is true, but are people willing to spend much money on a Apple TV to avoid external gadgets?)

3.  Apple TV is quite different from other TVs with a range of sizes, which will appeal to young Apple fanatics who can’t afford or don’t have enough room for a 50-inch flat screen TV.

4. Apple TV will cost twice as much as the common TVs in the market, for example, a certain TV sells for $800, but Apple TV may cost $1600. (If so, Apple will get high profit).

5. Munster said Apple would be popular because it will work with other Apple devices perfectly. It will come with a standard remote, and it can be controlled will iPhone and iPad via Siri. The users also can download games and content, etc.

6. Apple TV will be the first TV that does what you want , for instance, if you need a certain TV channel, it will adjust automatically.

7.  The users have to prepare wired TV or adapter junction boxes, because Apple TVs don’t have enough contents. Even so, users only have to plug it to the Apple TVs.

8. Munsterbelieves Apple will launch its TVs in 2012 to catch the holiday sales season.

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