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Top 5 Free Audio Recorder for Mac

Record audio on Mac is easy if you get the right software. If you are a fan of music, you may want to record audio from your favorite radio station, or you may want to record your voice to make your own podcast , or you found a good interview and you want to enjoy it on your portable player. And here is a list of the top 5 audio recorder for Mac, they are free and easy to use. I'm sure you will find your favorite audio recorder.

Free Audio Recorder for Mac


Free Audio Recorder for Mac - Quicktime

It's easy to record audio with QuickTime. Just take a trip to Spotlight, or navigate in Finder to the Applications folder. To record, go to the File menu and select "New Audio Recording:". This will open a new window. Using the disclosure triangle on the right side of the window, select the proper audio input and the desired quality. QuickTime features advanced video compression technology called H.264 to deliver brilliant, crisp HD video using less bandwidth and storage. Just launch QuickTime Player, and there's no telling where you're likely to land. The Player may whisk you to the Moon or perhaps to an exotic location on this planet. Take you on a virtual field trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Or treat you to the latest news, movie trailers, music videos, HBO series or PBS specials. That's because QuickTime 7 Player takes advantage of the latest video compression technology. It's called H.264, and it's an important new industry standard that's quickly garnered widespread support. Chosen as the industry-standard codec for 3GPP (mobile multimedia), MPEG-4 HD-DVD and Blu-ray, H.264 represents the next generation of video for everything from mobile multimedia to high-definition playback. H.264 icon.

Download Free Audio Recorder for Mac - Quicktime


Free Audio Recorder for Mac - Audacity

Audacity is a free audio recorder/editor/mixer. You can record sounds, play sounds, import and export WAV, AIFF, and MP3 files, and more. Use it to edit your sounds using Cut, Copy and Paste (with unlimited Undo), mix tracks together, or apply effects to your recordings. It also has a built-in amplitude envelope editor, a customizable spectrogram mode and a frequency analysis window for audio analysis applications. Built-in effects include Bass Boost, Wahwah, and Noise Removal, and it also supports VST plug-in effects.

Download Free Audio Recorder for Mac - Audacity


Free Audio Recorder for Mac - iScream

iScream is a freeware voice recording application for Mac OS X. It is designed to record audio from microphone, line-in or another input audio device. The main idea of this application is to sit in the dock and wait for a click. Just click on dock icon to start recording. To stop click on dock icon again. So it's good for a voice records, voice notes and other sound recording things.
One click to record;
Saves it in MP3, AAC or WAV format;
Hotkeys support

Download Free Audio Recorder for Mac - iScream


Free Audio Recorder for Mac - Wavepad

WavePad is a fully featured professional audio and music editor that allows you to record and edit music, voice and other audio recordings. You can add a variety of effects such as echo, amplification and noise reduction. and it can edit a wide range of formats including WAV. MP3, VOX, GSM, WMA, Real Audio, AIF, FLAC and OGG. The great thing is, it's absolutely free although it does offer you the chance to upgrade to WavePad Master's Edition which has additional effects and features.

Download Free Audio Recorder for Mac - Wavepad

Mac Audio Recorder

Free Audio Recorder for Mac

Audio Recorder is a professional audio tool to help you record streaming audio and download online streaming music. It uses a virtual sound card to record any sound played through your sound card. Fully supports almost all online streaming music sites and radio stations like MySpace, Napster, Rhapsody, Pandora, iTunes Radio, XM radio, AOL radio, etc. As a simple audio editor, you can use it to split audio files; edit ID3 tags like title, artist, and genre.

Download Free Audio Recorder for Mac