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Top 5 Free Drawing Program for Mac

Switch from Windows to Mac, it's pity that there is no software similar with MS paint on Mac. You may miss the MS paint to do some drawing on Mac. And here is a list of the top 5 drawing software for Mac. They are not as professional as the software you have to pay, but they are totally free and easy-to-use. If you just want to do some simple drawing, this is what you need!

Free Drawing Program for Mac

If you want to make some slideshow video with your drawing and songs, you can this Slideshow Maker for Mac.

Tux Paint

Free Drawing Program for Mac - Tux Paint

Tux Paint is a hugely popular painting and drawing application that allows children to take their first steps in computer-based art! The Tux Paint interface is very child-oriented. It's colorful and simple and will appeal to even the tiniest children. To facilitate this child-appropriateness, it allows them to select their saved pictures from thumbnails and has an autosave and recover function, so there's no problem even if they accidentally close the program. To make Tux Paint even more kid-friendly, the configuration settings are displayed in a totally separate area that is not accessible through the drawing interface. Here you'll be able to modify certain settings to make it suitable for everyone to use, including what shows up on Tux Paint's drawing interface, the language used and sound effects. From a child's point of view, Tux Paint must be fantastic. It has bunches of features - Tux Paint stamps, colors, magic designs and effects and a variety of brushes. Some features only appear in the Brushes area after choosing an option from Tools, but with a bit of exploring your child will find them all.

Download Free Drawing Program for Mac - Tux Paint


Free Drawing Program for Mac - XDrawChem

XDrawChem is a 2-dimensional molecule drawing program for Unix operating systems. It is similar in functionality to other molecule drawing programs such as ChemDraw (TM, CambridgeSoft). It can read and write MDL Molfiles, and read ChemDraw text and binary files, to allow sharing between XDrawChem and other chemistry applications, and it can create images in popular formats like PNG, EPS and SVG. XDrawChem has been tested on Linux, SGI IRIX 6.5, Sun Solaris, Windows and - finally - Mac OS X.

Download Free Drawing Program for Mac - XDrawChem


Free Drawing Program for Mac - CosmicPainter

CosmicPainter is a drawing application with one special feature: the destination canvas is moving while you are drawing on it. As you will see, it allows you to create complex animated patterns very easily. Since the V2.0 it is also possible to draw on tiled images allowing the creation of circular textures very easily. Be careful, it is a very addictive painting program!

Download Free Drawing Program for Mac - CosmicPainter


Free Drawing Program for Mac - fraqtive

Fraqtive - is a program for drawing Mandelbrot and Julia fractals. It uses a very fast algorithm and generates high quality, smooth images. It is fully interactive, allowing for real-time mouse navigation and dynamic generation of the Julia fractal preview. OpenGL-rendered 3D view of the fractals is also supported. It is extremely fast - display of Mandelbrot and Julia sets, zooming in or out is almost realtime (even on older hardware).

Download Free Drawing Program for Mac - fraqtive


Free Drawing Program for Mac - DrawBerry

It is a free vector drawing software application for Mac OS X. This one is an alternative to the free but bulky: The GIMP or Inkscape. With DrawBerry, you have all the possibilities the vectorial drawing offers you in a free, easy to use and powerful application. At the time of writing, the developer’s web showed near-blank page, so I get the app from one of the Mac download sites.

Download Free Drawing Program for Mac - DrawBerry