Video Editor for Mac (Filmora)

Filmora - Video Editor for Mac Updated History


Filmora 6.0 is Released. (2015-04-28)
1. New UI for rebranding
2. Smart thumbnail previews
3. New effects and categories
4. Adds the ability to archive project file for transferring between PCs and avoid media file missing;
5. Adds the ability to relocate missing media in saved project, resolved the issue of project unable to save in some cases;
6. Adds the ability to import Media directly from AVCHD camcorder and Mobile phone(iOS, Android)
7. Timeline UX optimization for resolving the “too easy to cut clip into two parts when move clips on Timeline” issue

Filmora 5.1 is Released. (2015-02-11)
1. Resolved an issue that might prevent users saving project file normally;
2. Added 3D-looking trasitions and effect filters;
3. Better category for built-in effects;

Filmora 5.0 is Released. (2015-01-22)
1. Fixed a bug of easy mode.

Filmora 5.0 is Released. (2015-01-13)
1. Easy Mode supports to intelligently analyze video and generate new clip depends on different templates automatically.
2. Update embedded filters/effects.
3. Update Text engine.

Filmora 4.9 is Released. (2014-12-24)
1. New Christmas and New Year Templates!
2. New Christmas PiP clipart resources!
3. New filter (effect) thumbnails for better demonstrating real effects of each filters!
4. Minor bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Filmora 4.8 is Released. (2014-11-19)
1. 1.New awesome Split screen effect;
2. 2.New Media Folder feature for grouping media files for different projects;
3. 3.Enhanced the text engine and provide more Text effect;
4. 4.Fixed the malfunction of uploading video to Facebook;

Filmora 4.7 is Released. (2014-10-17)
1. Fixed a minor issue of encoding error.

Filmora 4.7 is Released. (2014-09-26)
1. Added 10 more transition effects for decorating your movie.
2. Able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes to YouTube.
3. Enhanced media file support.
4. Able to recover unsaved project automatically once computer or app crashed.
5. Resolved an issue that might cause app quit unexpectedly when importing large photos.

Filmora 4.6 is Released. (2014-09-04)
1. New: added New Storyboard mode for easier movie making!
2. New: added the ability to upload finished movie to Vimeo directly;
3. New: able to display waveforms of audio files;
4. Able to retain audio in PiP track and mix audio with main video track.

Filmora 4.5 is Released. (2014-08-15)
1. Add more new buint-in video effect (filters).
2. Enhanced the Chroma Key (Green Screen) feature.
3. Fixed the unmatched and blurry text font issues.
4. Improved overall NLE performace.

Filmora 4.1 is Released. (2014-08-06)
1. Resolved an issue that might cause app freeze when exporting video.

Filmora 4.1 is Released. (2014-07-31)
1. Resolved minor issues and enhanced app stability.

Filmora 4.1 is Released. (2014-07-24)
1. Improve the overall performance of the program;
2. Optimize the Chroma Key feature;
3. Improve the output results of the texts;
4. Reconstruct the video recording module and tilt-shift module;
5. Support incremental upgrade.

Filmora 4.0 is Released. (2014-07-01)
1. Brand new and more user-friendly interface.
2. New feature: Easy Wizard Mode – 3-step easy video editing process with smart theme template selections.
3. Added new video quality enhancement option: One-click auto-denoise, and contrast/brightness enhancement.
4. Improved video output speed supporting Intel, AMD, and NVidia3 video card hardware acceleration, up to 3X times faster when exporting video in H.264 format.

Filmora 3.6 is Released. (2014-04-28)
1. Resolved an issue that might cause app quit unexpectedly when exporting movie.
2. Minor optimization for Japanese UI.

Filmora 3.6 is Released. (2014-04-08)
1. Enhanced the overall stability of the program;
2. Added the interface for user feedback;
3. Enhanced support for the imported files;
4. Added more PIP resources.

Filmora 3.5 is Released. (2013-11-27)
1. Add more special effects;
2. Enhance the output video quality;
3. Enable users to switch between different audio tracks;
4. Enhance the support to VOB files;
5. Improve the efficiency of the program;

Filmora 3.1 is Released. (2013-10-25)
1. Compatible with Windows 8.1;

Filmora 3.1 is Released. (2013-09-13)
1. Resolved an issue that might cause failure during video’s uploading onto YouTube.
2. Added a new feature: enabled direct video sharing onto Facebook.

Filmora 3.1 is Released. (2013-05-20)
1. Improved file import/export efficiency.

Filmora 3.1 is Released. (2012-12-10)
1. Improve the way to download online resource packs.

Filmora 3.1 is Released. (2012-11-12)
1. Support multiple picture in picture special effects (up to 10).
2. More online effects, transitions, intro/credit and more elements are available .
3. More great features are added: Audio separation, Flash and Hold, Scene Detection, Tilt-Shift, Mosaic Blur, Jump Cut at Beats, Face Off and more.
4. Support more popular devices: iPhone 5, New iPad, Samsung Galaxy III and more.

Filmora 3.0 is Released. (2012-02-24)
1. Improved video compatibility when importing video.
2. Upgraded some encoders for better quality.
3. Fixed minor bugs while registering.

Filmora 3.0 is Released. (2012-02-13)
1. Brand-new interface design, more powerful features.
2. Added Timeline-based video editing with intelligence.
3. Added Speed up (Fast Motion), Slow down (Slow Motion) and Voice Change effects.
4. More visual effects (up to 50) for videos and photos.
5. Added Picture-in-Picture feature with plenty of customizable options.
6. Easier to use media file manager and solid color slides included.

Filmora 2.0 is Released. (2011-08-16)
1. Support importing photo like BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, ICO, etc.
2. Support importing videos from camcorders and external hard drives directly.
3. Support record videos, audio and add voiceover.
4. Support adding filters and titles to videos and multi-trimming.
5. Crop, rotate photos and set photo duration, titles, motions and filters.
6. Add transitions, titles, filters and motions to Favorite so that you can find them quickly later.
7. Set text position, font, size, color, typeface, etc.
8. Send the video sharing message to your Facebook and Twitter account when sharing the videos to YouTube.
9. Support burning videos to DVD for better video preservation.
10. Support 5.1 sound track output.
11. Support parameters customization: video resolution, video bitrate, video sample rate and audio bitrate.
12. Redesign the storyboard.

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