How to transfer iPhoto files to an External Hard Drive on Mac

Need to proceed your iPhoto library? No problem, it is simply finished with a two-step process – first you need to physically proceed or duplicate the picture library in the direction of the brand new location, after which you require to inform iPhoto where the brand new location is. Here’s easy methods to accomplish this:

Transfer the iPhoto Library

  • Open ~/Pictures/ and locate the “iPhoto Library” package, the icon looks like the image to the right – do not open the package you will want to move the entire directory
  • Move or copy “iPhoto Library” to the new destination by dragging and dropping it to the desired location on a new hard drive or partition

The library moving or copying process may maybe consider a even though depending on how a variety of photographs you have stored in iPhoto. Waiting is by much the longest section with this procedure, but as quickly since it is finished copying you just need to point iPhoto toward new location:

Set iPhoto to the New Library Location

  • Hold down the Option key and launch iPhoto
  • Find the iPhoto Library in the list or click on “Other Library” to manually navigate to the new location and then click on “Choose”

This is typically instantaneous but occasionally there’s a slight delay as iPhoto reads the library document again. Now iPhoto will require advantage of the library you have specified inside the new location, just be conscious that in the occasion you chose an one more difficult generate after which launch iTunes without any that generate connected, your pictures will not be available.



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