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Best Alternatives to Mac Screen Capture Software Preview

Mac Preview is the default screen capture program which comes pre-installed on every Mac OS. Regarding its functionality, however, Mac Preview comes with drawbacks in many aspects, and with limited functionality as originally it is meant to be a browser/viewer for images and PDF files with the simplicityto let you view pictures and documents. Therefore several alternatives are available on the market which have enhanced features, multiple options to customize its settings and not only go with a one-way screen capturing. However, due to their diverse offerings, you should be aware of the options on the market to find the most suitable alternative for yourself. Therefore in this article we are going to show you the 2 best alternatives to Mac Preview and how you can use them for your own benefit.

Macdvd Free Screen Recorder Online

Free Online Screen Recorder

In case you are looking for a more flexible, free alternative screen capture solution, Macdvd Free Screen Recorder Online is the best tool which you can find when you consider online alternatives. The advantage of this tool is that it still retains the key functions of the more comprehensive offline Screen Grabber Pro, therefore you are always offered a stable, cloud-based access regardless of what device you are using to run it on. This tool also comes with an emerging toolbar where you can comfortable set up your screen capturing to be tailored to your needs within a few simple clicks.


Screen Capture Quickcast

Another alternative designed to make up for the limited functions of the Mac Preview tool is Quickcast, an incredible app that any Mac user can use to capture their Mac screens. As the name implies, this free app is very fast as the developers put special focus on speed, although it might go for the and allows you to share your screencast via a QuickCast portal. This screen casting app will also allow you to embed your recordings to WebPages and blog posts.

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