MobileGo for Android

MobileGo for Android Updated History


MobileGo for Android 1.2 is Released. (2014-04-24)
1. Fixed some bugs.

MobileGo for Android 1.1 is Released. (2013-12-27)
1. Compatible with more Android phones and tablets;
2. Fixed some bugs.

MobileGo for Android 1.0 is Released. (2012-08-02)
1. Well supports various Android phones and tablets.
2. Backup and restore Android phone data on Mac.
3. Add, delete, export, play music; set music as ringtones; import/export from/to iTunes library.
4. View, import/export, delete photos.
5. Add, delete, export, resend and forward messages.
6. Manage contacts by adding, deleting, exporting, editing and grouping.
7. Preview, add, delete and export videos.
8. Install, uninstall and export apps.
9. Get general information of your Android device and capture phone screenshots.

Android File Manager

MobileGo for Android

MobileGo is the best tool for Mac user to manager Android devices. It can help you easily upload songs, videos, photos and data from Mac to Android Phone and Android Tablet with only one click. With this powerful Android tool, you can backup your files and restore files, keep all your Android files safely. Moreover, it’s compatible with all Android devices!

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