Apple need an actual TV set, not a cheap TV set-top box

Earlier one year ago, there were rumors that Apple planed to develop TV sets. At the latest, the issue of Steve.Jobs gives us a hint that there exits Apple’s TVs, what’s more, it makes a lot of guesses from many main newspaper and media. Some of specialists in this field predicted that Apple will launch TVs in 2013. An unborn product arouses many peoples’ interest and expectation, and only Apple can make it. At the same time, is there any people realize that isn’t the Apple TV set-top box good enough? Why Apple still need to develop TV sets?

Some people may say: an Apple TV set-top box is only $99, if this new product is launched, more people would like to buy it, theoretically speaking, again Apple is likely to overthrow the whole TVs industry. Steve.Jobs ever said that Apple TV was just a hobby comparing to the mobile phones and the computers. Such being the case, don’t you think Apple TV box is the best way for Apple to practice such hobbies?However, Apple is always out of our expectations, and we even can’t get its thinking and concept. Why Apple need an actual TV set?

Apple sells complete experiences, not only devices.

If you connect an Apple TV set-top box to other brands’ HD TVs, and then you watch video and play music, you will find it is almost the same to run Mac OS on the Dell’s lap-top computer. It works, but it’s not good experience for user and  that’s not the perfect style Apple has been pursuing.

Apple wants to be your primary interface.

The research shows that the American today watch TV over 5 hours everyday, It would be a big market if Apple develop an TV set with function of integrated game and searching, etc.In the long run, Apple’s ultimate goal is surely to be the heart, soul and brain of the living room culture. To watch video, download apps, play games or even use Siri to order pizza, the only thing you need to do is to remote control through the TV interface. In addition, more and more wired TV companies are deploying the IP-based service, which provides the chances for Apple to be the primary TV interface.

Apple sells tightly integrated software, hardware, and services.

For an simple example, If Apple wants to control Facetime calls and Siri voice I the living room. Is it going to sell the user an isight camera mic sticked on top of Vizio and at the same time connected to Apple TV box? Or is it going to make a TV set with HD cameras and high quality speakers? On the long run, my opinion is that the latter is most likely to happen.

Selling TVs could be the better business.

The main profit of Apple is by selling hardware, not by selling apps and rentals.Indeed, maybe it is more difficult and takes more time to sell ten million TV sets at $1000 than to sell ten millions TV set-top boxes at $100, but the gross profit of every TV set is much greater than every TV set-top box. As far as to now, Apple TV set-top box is not enough to be a separate business of Apple, but selling high-end TVs are very likely to be a leading business that will make a multi-billion-dollar business for Apple.

Expectations from outsiders seem to be insanely high to Apple’s TVs, but they shouldn’t be. Apple is not a leapfrogs company, it just makes great products by using its own formula. For example, The ipod was not big different from the other existing MP3 player. It just had a simple and easy to remember name applying simple user interface, better software and Apple’s constant cool factor. Similarly, an Apple TV may not be so different from today’s TVs, but it may combine the hardware, software, service like iCloud, new user interface like Siri with Apple’s perfect experience, which will set it apart from today’s TVs.

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