Apple Occupied 61.5% Global Tablet Market in The Third Quarter

Marketing research IDC firm reported that Apple occupied 68.3% global tablet PC market share before, about 9.3 million sets iPad 2 have been shipped out in the second quarter 2011. Though this company thinks there is a decline trend that the share would be down to 61.5% in the third quarter, but Apple is still leading the market, the shipment is from 9.3 million in Q2 up to 11.1 million. Apple’s closest competitor, Samsun, has only 5.6 market share, one tenth of Apple. Samsun’s PC market grew 23.9%, increased 264.5% over the same period.

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In addition, from the comparison of Apple with the whole Android tablet PC market, IDC expects that Android tablet PC share will grow rapidly, increased 33.2% in the third quarter, and 40.3% in the forth quarter. But it is worth nothing that like Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes&Noble’s Nook tablet increase rate would likely occupy the most of them.

Morgan Stanley forecasted this morning there will be a great increase in 2012, he said that Apple may sell out 90 million iPad during this year, and 19 million iPhone. It is obviously that analysts have a great expectation on Android 4.0, and hope that it can slow down the advance of iPad.

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