Apple will enter into Television Market

According to the oversea media report, Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu made an investor report, he believes that Apple is ready to enter television market, and when they sell television, will continue to sell Apple TV at the same time. Taiwan Technology website DigTime reported there a rumor from the industrial news that Apple are preparing to launch the high definition television at the beginning of next year. It is said that Apple is likely to launch Apple television at the second or third quarter of 2012.

The report said that Apple planned to launch Apple television with 32-inch and 37-inch, called “iTV”. Samsung Electronics and Sharp will provide the chips and screens respectively for the so called “iTV”.

Aim at this report, Shaw Wu explained in his report. ”Frankly speaking, we have been believing Apple should enter television market, and we are not surprised to this report, they should have done like that, because television market is only field that Apple hasn’t set foot in. In addition, we got some information from the accessories manufacturers and subcontractors, and Apple has been applying a patent from 2005, we can see that Apple is ready for entering to the television market. But up to now, Apple only launched its Apple TV box in Jan, 2007.”

Shaw Wu also said that Apple won’t launch the traditional television, but a television of Internet based program to transmit video stream.

Here is a step by step guide about how to convert video to mp4 video for Apple iTV.

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