How Will be iPod and iTune After Ten Years Later

2011 was the ten year anniversaries of Mac OS X, iPod, iTunes and Apple’s retail operations. Apple also launched iCloud、iAd and Siri in 2011. Then how will be iPod after ten years? Will iTunes continue to lead the mobile appliance platform? Let’s make an analysis together as followed.


The rapid advance of iPod and iTunes

Apple launched the first version iPod in October 2001, and then launched iTune one year later. iPod、iTune and iMovie build Mac as users’ “digital hub,” helping users to manage music files and edit video files. In the past ten years, Apple has built iPod and iTune into two businesses: iPod devices sales and iTune content platform.

iTune helped Apple to become the biggest merchant of music, and made many conservative music publishers accept this new business model. At the very beginning, the music publishers were resistant to this digital music, now they get benefitted tremendously. And then, Apple added TV shows、music videos and movies to iTunes, then added HTML based iTunes LP and iTunes Extra.

Apple also embraced Podcasting, making iTunes the central repository for freely available audio and video content created by any publishers. Apple also initiated iTune U service, enable the universities and other organizations to publish their own education contents, until now, the contents in iTunes are from over 1000 institutions in 123 countries. Apple has added iBooks to iTunes.

At the same time, iTunes as a central hub for content and data sync, device backup and software updates has become an activation platform for iPhone and iPad. iTunes expanded to become a download platform for iOS, the users can buy software、music and other contents from iTunes.


iTunes enters into cloud

By the end of its first decade, Apple has taken iTunes into the cloud times through iTunes Match、iCloud. The users can listen their loved music on any of their own devices. In iOS 5, users don’t need iTunes any more, they can set up, synchronize, and back up their iOS devices. iCloud offers free document, data, photos and content purchase availability between a user’s Macs and iOS devices. This DVD to iPod Converter can help you convert DVD movie and video to iPod iTunes.


The next decade of iPod and iTunes

iTunes will continue to play an important role in the next decade, there is  a rumor that Apple will deliver the third generation iPad in this quarter. Maybe this year we can see newly designed iPhone 5 and new iPod Touch.

FaceTime and iMessage delivered by Apple influence greatly to the carriers, providing the users with free charge videoconferencing and SMS services. These functions are expecting to land on Mac OS X soon, using the same secured and efficient push notifications system that drives iMessage

Not to be outdone, beyond software service, Apple also develops hardware, its iPhone 4S is the first device with Bluetooth 4.0. Until now, Apple has ability to develop mobile processor by itself. Both A4 processor in 2010 and A5 in 2011 are Apple’s works from its mobile processor department.

With the support of these software and hardware, Apple could expand the role of its iPod touch by giving it an expanded 4 to 6 inch screen, which will make iPod Touch become the most competitive handheld gaming devices. With App Store andGameCenter, iPod Touch will attract multiplayer.

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