How to export videos from iPhoto on Mac

If you recorded some videos with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, once you sync your devices to your Mac iTunes, iPhoto will automatically move the videos to iPhoto library. If you want to make further use of the video, like edit video, burn the video to DVD or share the video through email to your friend. You have to export the videos from iPhoto to your Mac.

1. Sync your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iTunes, the recorded video will be automatically add into iPhoto library. Launch iPhoto and find the video you want to export.

2. Click the File — Export menu option and then press the Export button. iPhoto will ask you where you want to save the video. Set a folder you want to export the video to. Click ‘OK’, then you will find the actual video files. That’s all.

If you want to burn the recorded video to DVD, you can follow this Burn DVD on Mac guide.

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