How to record audio on Mac for free and safe

It’s not easly to record audio playing out from Mac. But with WavTap, you can easily do that job even you are a new Mac user.

What you need to do is run WavTap, pull down the menu and select ” Start Recording “. Wavtap will automatically record the audio being played on your Mac and export the audio as a wav file. It supports audio from podcast, live stream, video, iTunes, the source doesn’t matter, as long as it’s playing. Once you finish the capture, select “Stop Recording”, and you will find the recorded wav audio file on your desktop.

Wavtap is free and safe, and here is the download link.

For your most part, the easy app performs as advertised, though the “Save Final 20 Seconds” choice wasn’t as trusted in our testing. An additional minor quirk you could run into is after finishing recording, where the system audio may wellappear to muted and unresponsive. If youcome across that to become the case, open Technique Preferences, select “Sound”, thenchoose “Internal Speakers” from the device list. Flip overfor the “Input” tab and select the Internal Microphone whileyou are at it, or you might run into challenges down the road when attempting to Skype or FaceTime.

For more Mac Audio Recorders, I’d also recommend Audio Recorder for Mac to you. It’s compatible with almost all streaming websites including YouTube, Pandora, Napster, Spotify, GUBA, NPC, MySpace,, BBC Radio Audio, iTunes Radio, RTVE, Sirius Radio, Radio Blog Club, XM Radio Online, AOL Music, etc.

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