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How to record online music for free without Java

Jun 23, 2017 11:15 pm / Posted by Nelson Peter to Audio Tips CategoryFollow @MacDVD_Studio

It's really convenient to record music from website with Reviewstown Online Audio Recorder as long as you have a reliable internet connection. Reviewstown is a web-base app, you don't have to download or install Java at all. Just a few clicks, it couldn't be easier to download music from websites like that.

Record Online Music

I know there are many other free tools can do the same thing, but they are based on the Java, and Java is an old technology nowadays. Here are 4 reasons why you should abandon Java.

1. The most popular web browser Chrome already blocked Java applications, I'm sure other web browsers like IE, Safari, Firefox and Opera will follow this trend soon.

2. Java requires frequent program updates, and it's significantly buggier and slower.

3. Java base on the old technology, it's a RAM-monster which uses a lot of memory. Not friendly for old computer.

4. Audio Recorder base on Java has to clean cache every time to run smoothly, this will affect the recorded audio quality.

If you’re one of those who are feed up with these drawbacks and looking for an alternative, this article is what you need. And here are the steps to help you record audio online without Java, even you are computer savvy can handle it

How to record online music without Java

The tool you need is Reviewstown Online Audio Recorder, it can record any sound coming from your computer, supports recording system sound or external sources such as microphone. Since this app is a web-based software, you can use it to record audio on your Mac or Windows computer. And it's compatible with all web browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. Now, let's start the guide to record online music with Reviewstown.

Step1. Active Reviewstown Online Audio Recorder

Visit the app with your web browser, click "Start Recording" to launch the Audio Recorder. You have to install a launcher the first time you use the app, it's safe and clean without any spyware or adware.

Step2. Select The Audio Source

Once you click Start Recording, it will pop up a panel with 3 audio sources to record, you can select anyone according to your need.

Mircophone: let you to record voice like narrations, audio instructions, etc.

System Sound: let you record MP3 from streaming websites, live radio broadcasts, in-game sounds, etc.

System Sound and Microphone: let you record voice meetings, audio chats and others.

Start Recording Music

Step3. Start Recording Audio

After you select the audio source, play any audio you want to record or speak through your microphone. When everything is ready, click the "Start" button to run the audio recording process. You can pause the recording at any time you want. Hit the red "Stop" button when you finish the recording.

Step4. Play The Recorded Audio File

Reviewstown Online Audio Recorder built-in a library to help you manage the recorded audio files. You can click “Recording list” icon in the right corner on the bottom of the interface to open the library, and you will find all the recorded audio here. You can play the recorded audio to test the quality, or click "Open Folder" to locate the recorded audio file on your computer.

Play Recorded Music

Step5. Add Music Information to the recorded audio (Optional)

For someone who recording online music, Reviewstown can help you edit the ID3 information to manage music easily. Select the recording audio in the library and check “Edit ID3”, it will pop up a music information panel, here you can add the song title, artist cover, year, album, etc.

Edit Music ID3 information

I have tried many audio recording apps, and Reviewstown Online Audio Recorder is the best, it's totally free, you don't have to subscribe any service or install anything. And it's really simple to use, just 3 clicks, it couldn't be easier to record online music with Reviewstown. If you want more useful functions such as: Create Scheduled Tasks, Search and Download HD Music, Convert Audio, etc. Reviewstown Audio Converter has a pro desktop version, not free, but well worth the money. Here are the download links.

Download Audio Recorder for Mac Download Audio Recorder for Win