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How to copy iPhone videos and photos to Mac without cable

Feb 19, 2014 12:12 pm / Posted by Nelson Peter to iPhone CategoryFollow @MacDVD_Studio

You may have this situation, you records a video with your iPhone (or take a photo) and you need to edit the photo/video on your Mac immediately, but you forgot to bring the USB cable. And here is an easy solution for you as long as your iPhone has wifi connection.

1. The tool you need is Wireless Transfer App (download link), you can search it on Apple App store, then download and install it on your iPhone.

2. Connect your iPhone and Mac to the same Wifi connection Network.

3. Run Wireless Transfer App on your iPhone, and you will get a local IP address (as follow picture). Remember it.

iPhone IP address

4. Go to your Mac, open the web browser like Safari, Firefox or Chrome. Type the IP address you got on the Step3 and press Enter. Then all videos and albums from your iPhone’s photo library will be listed on the Wireless Transfer App interface right on your Mac browser.

Transfer iPhone Videos and Photos

5. Now you can select and copy certain videos or all videos to your Mac through the Wifi Connection. That's all. It couldn't be easier to copy iPhone files to Mac like that.

Tips1. Since you don't have to install anything on your Mac, what you need is only the web browser on your Mac to view the iPhone files. so this way is also works for Windows computer, you just need to do the same thing on your PC web browser.

Tip2. This App not only works for videos, but also photos, You can even use it to transfers files between your iDevices like iPod and iPad.