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How to record OverWatch Gameplay and Highlights

Sep 1, 2017 1:12 pm / Posted by Nelson Peter to DVD CategoryFollow @MacDVD_Studio

Record OverWatch Gameplay and Highlights

One of the recent blockbusters in the video gaming industry is the Overwatch game, which has one the heart of millions of players worldwide. Now wonder that people have been engaged with its gameplay, and started competing with each other online, as well as developed the need to look for ways to record Overwatch in order to save the highlights. One of the best and most efficient ways for achieving this activity is recording the display of your computer while the Overwatch hihlights are being played on your display, so everything which worth showing will be captured. For this, we have compiled the top 5 screen recorders that can be used to record overwatch highlights in this article, and provided a description for each to learn how to save overwatch highlights.

Open Broadcaster Software

Record OverWatch with OBS

The first recorder on our list to save Overwatch highlights is the OBS which definitely deserves to be mentioned, as it is free, open-source and comes with tons of customization options. This tool is a nice and user friendly option to choose as it has a very simple interface with all the information put in front of you from the beginning point where you open the program. This also makes it available to have hassle free recording as you are not required to change any special settings, just select the source which you would like to record and start recording immediately within a couple of simple clicks. Furthermore, the program helps you in the eventual stage of the recording as well, and offers you to live stream the video over well known social media sites, such as YouTube, or save it to your PC so you can access it offline anytime.

Macdvd Screen Recorder

Record OverWatch Gameplay and Highlights

In case you wonder about the best available tool to record overwatch highlights, you definitely need to check out Macdvd Screen Recorder, which is a powerful software which you can use to take a snapshot of your screen for a quick shot about your Overwatch highlights, or record a video showing it together with your gameplay, or do much more. You can think of this software as a one-stop solution when it comes to capturing and recording whatever there is on your screen. The tool itself has a very easy to use interface where you can navigate and perform your desired activity within a couple of simple clicks, and thereby gives you a smooth experience for handling you recording activities, with also real-time annotation options to enhance your highlights before publishing them online.

Download OverWatch Recorder for Mac Download OverWatch Recorder


Record OverWatch with Bandicam

Bandicam is another useful tool to record Overwatch, as it is simple to use and offers everything that a beginner needs, therefore if you have never used such a tool and your only intention is also for just recording the Overwatch highlights, then it can be a good tool for you to easily learn about the process and put up your highlights to public access in a straightforward manner. It is not one of the most feature rich game recording software on the other side, so only basic recordings can be done with this tool. However, as a compensation, the developers put much effort onto creating a solution with high efficiency, and in this case even at high quality it offers small size video recordings due to its built-in compression feature.

Nvidia Shadowplay

Record OverWatch with Shadowplay

ShadowPlay by Geforce is another great free software for streaming or recording your gaming moments, which also includes the possibility to save and record overwatch highlights. This tool is provided by the well-known company Nvidia Geforce, which is the manufacturers of GPUs installed in most of the PCs nowadays. Therefore this tool is optimized for those computers which have GeForce graphic card in them, and it needs Geforce GTX 600 and above to run ShadowPlay. However, this is a great and automatic tool, which is designed in a way that all your game play from last 20 minutes will be recorded and older will be deleted. So if you find any great moment to record, just press a single button to save the recording of last 20 minutes, which also includes therefore the period while your great Overwatch highlights are being played on the screen.

Windows 10 Game Bar

Record Gameplay With Windows 10 Game Bar

Last but not least, if you wonder how to save Overwatch highlights with an alternative solution, and you also have Windows 10 installed on your computer, then you can be in the lucky situation that you don’t need any kind of game recording software at all, because Windows 10 has a built-in game recording feature called Game Bar. Game Bar is simple to use and offers great video quality, which can be a bit basic but convenient solution for capturing your Overwatch highlights via the Windows 10 system itself. However, you must keep it in mind that it lacks many customization options, but it gets the job done well after you learn how to use it, and can be a good tool for your recording need.

As you can see several great tools are available to enhance your video recording experience and create the best Overwatch highlights, and it is up to you which one you choose to fit the most to your specific needs. However, we greatly encourage you to have a look at the Macdvd Screen Grabber as it is especially designed for such purposes and will be great partner for your support.