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How to stream video from Mac to PS3 for free

May 25, 2013 12:12 pm / Posted by Nelson Peter to Mac CategoryFollow @MacDVD_Studio

This step by step guide is regarding how to stream video from Mac to PS3. it will let your Mac work as streaming server, and then you can watch your Mac movie through PS3 on TV. It works for all Mac OS X. even you are Mac newbie, you can handle with it easily.

Stream Mac Movie to PS3

The tool you need is Vuze, it's a powerful P2P bittorrent app. Free without any limitation. Here is the download link, the file size is 14 MB. Now let's start the guide.

Step1. Before you get started, please turn on your PS3, and make sure it's connected to your local network. Then go to your Mac, download and run the Vuze installer. Place a check in the box labeled Customize, and then click the I Agree button.

Remove the check mark from the box labeled I accept the License terms and want to install the Vuze toolbar remote. You can of course install it if you want. Click the Next button. After the installation has finished, Vuze will run and immediately run a speed test. Let it, but you can safely ignore the results.

Warnning: Here's where it gets important. In the left column/window, click the Turn On button in the Devices section.

Turn on Devices section

Before you click the Turn On button, decide if you want to share anonymous device statistics with Vuze. If you do, leave the box checked. If not, remove the check mark. Then click the Turn On button.

Turn on PS3 support on Vuze

The files required for streaming from your Mac to your PS3 will now be downloaded and installed.

Step2. Now it's time to add videos to Vuze, so that you can stream them to your PS3. Locate the videos / movies on your Mac and drag them from Finder to the PS3 icon in the Devices list of Vuze.

Add Video to Vuze

You'll be prompted to choose either PS3 HD or PS3 SD. HD is high-definition, SD is standard-definition. I'd like to recommend choose the PS3 HD. Vuze support AVI, WMV, MPEG, XVID, QuickTime video. If your video is not compatible with Vuze, such as MKV, TS, MP4, FLV, etc, you can use this video converter for mac to convert the video, and there is a tutorial about how to use it to convert video.

Step3. Your videos will now be added to the Vuze PS3 library. Go to your PS3. From the dashboard move to the Video section. If you see a Vuze on Mac, skip down to step5 below. Otherwise, continue with the next step.

Vuze on iMac

Step4. Select Search for Media Servers from the Video category of your PS3's Dashboard. Give it a few minutes to run. And at least one media server should be found. Return to the Video section.

Search Media Server

Step5. Now select Vuze on your Mac. Go to the Movies folder. Scroll through your videos, and select one you want to watch on TV, the video should start streaming after a moment.

Stream Movie from mac to ps3

That's all. As long as Vuze is running on your Mac and it's on the same local network as your PS3, you can stream video from Mac to your PS3 easily.