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How to recover data from SD card

Oct 21, 2014 12:12 pm / Posted by Nelson Peter to Mac CategoryFollow @MacDVD_Studio

SD card is widely used on Camera, Cell Phone, Camcorder, etc. With a small piece of card, you can store many songs, photos, documents, contacts, movies, etc. But data loss problem happens all the time on SD cards. You may lose important data due to different kinds of reasons, like virus infection, improper operation and many other errors. Don't worry when the problem happen. With the right method, you can recover the deleted data from your SD card, even the SD card is formatted. And here is a step by step guide shows you how to recover data from SD card, it works for both Windows and Mac.

Recover SD card data

Deleting or formatting your SD card files does not mean those files are gone forever. All your files are still stored on the SD card. They're just invisible or inaccessible. if you want any hope of getting the files back, the sooner you act the better. And please do not write anything to your SD card before recovering data, otherwise you will re-write the files and permanently lose your important data.

To retrieve data from your SD card you need a Data recovery software. I have tried so many SD card recovery apps, both freeware and shareware. Neither worked poor, nor retrieve no files, some even build-in viruses and spyware. Finally, I found this Data Recovery for SD card, not free, but easy-to-use and viruses free. Even you are computer newbie can handle it. The Data Recovery has both Windows Version and Mac Version. And I took Mac version as example in my guide, the operation steps for Windows version are the same.

Download SD Card Recovery for Mac Download SD Card Recovery for Windows

Step1. Connect your SD card to computer with a SD card reader, or you can also connect your camera or phone to computer VIA USB cable, use the camera or phone as a SD card reader.

Step2. Download the Data Recovery, double click it and follow the instructions to install it. And then launch it. You will get the primary window below and 4 recovery modes are provided in it. First choose “Lost Data Recovery” mode, which lets you restore files from SD card quickly.

How to retrieve SD card files

Step3. Your device or SD card will be detected as a removable storage device by the computer. You can choose it from the “Logical Drives” list. If it doesn’t appear, please click the “Refresh Drives” at bottom of the window. Then click the “Scan” button to find the deleted files on the SD card.

Recover deleted files from SD card

Step4. After scanning, the Data recovery will return a file list. You can preview the files in the file folders which are on the left part of the main interface. Mark those you want to retrieve and click the “Recover” button. In the end, you need to choose a folder to save the restored files and hit the “OK” button to start saving lost files from SD card to your computer.

Preview before SD card recover

That's all, it couldn't be easier to recover data from SD card like that. If you need more info, here is a step by step video tutorial for you.