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How to download and burn YouTube video to DVD on Mac

Jun 13, 2014 18:02 pm / Posted by Nelson Peter to YouTube Tips CategoryFollow @MacDVD_Studio

YouTube is the largest and most popular video sharing website on the world. You may found some funny videos on YouTube that you want to do some further editing on your Mac. Or you friends share some personal video like wedding video, family meeting, etc on YouTube, and you want to burn them to DVD for backup. This step by step guide will show you every detail to download YouTube video to Mac for free and burn the YouTube video to DVD to play on TV, it’s easy to understand, even you are Mac newbie can handle with it.

YouTube on Mac

1. Use free online converter is a free online video downloader, open your safari browser, type in the URL box. When you open the website index, click the download tab. Copy the YouTube ULR into step1 box. And then type your email address in the step3 box. Once finishes the YouTube downloading, it will send a download link to your email address.

Download YouTube video to Mac

2. Use free YouTube downloader

If you often download YouTube videos to your Mac, a YouTube downloader is necessary. The downloading speed and quality are better than online converter. I have tried some downloader, and this YouTube downloader works the best.

3. Use safari browser

This way is a little complicate for computer newbie, anyway, you can try it. Launch safari browser and open the YouTube you want to download, click Command+Option+A to open the ‘Activity Monitor’ window, Look through the activity from YouTube – Video Name, look for the largest file size and double click to download it. That’s all, the YouTube video will be saved in the Finder

Download YouTube video with safari

Now, let’s gone burn the YouTube video to DVD. Because the downloaded YouTube is flv video, and DVD format is VOB, it contains two folders Video_TS and Audio_TS, you have to convert your YouTube video to DVD compatible video and finalize the DVD, or else regular DVD player cannot read and play it. I have tried many YouTube to DVD Burner and recommend this DVD Creator for YouTube. The burning quality is awesome, it can keep the good YouTube HD quality, and some YouTube burners will ruin the quality badly.

Step1. Download and install the DVD Creator for YouTube, and then launch it.

Step2. Click ‘Create a new project’. And then drag and drop your downloaded YouTube video into the DVD Creator.

Step3. Put a blank DVD disc into your Mac DVD burner, click ‘Burn’ to the next steps. Select DVD disc as output format and click save. The DVD Creator will automatically convert the YouTube video to DVD format and burn YouTube video to DVD, that’s all. It couldn’t be easier to enjoy YouTube video on TV like that.

Burn YouTube video to DVD