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How to mirror your phone screen to computer

Sep 26, 2017 1:12 pm / Posted by Nelson Peter to Phone CategoryFollow @MacDVD_Studio

Mirror Phone Screen to Computer

Smartphones have seen a remarkable development recently, where their specifications are getting better and better, and they also have seen some size improvements on their screen. However, the eventual size of a smartphone is limited, and many people are not comfortable to work with apps on that small screen, therefore the need emerged to explore other options, such as mirror phone screen to computer, which can bring many benefits such as clearer and much sharper viewing experience, ability to immerse into videos more by watching them on the larger screen, or have more efficient video calls with friends, among other benefits. In order to explore how to display phone screen on laptop, you can have a look at this article to learn the steps in details.

With iPhone Screen Recorder

Mirror Phone Screen to Computer With Phone Screen Recorder

As an alternative option Apowersoft iPhone Screen Recorder is a mentionable tool for mirroring phone screen to computer, especially when it comes to iPhone screen. By following several simple steps, you can easily mirror your screen to the PC and become able to play mobile games on that larger screen by using your mouse. Even more, it is the best if you have an online streaming video service on your iPhone, and want to watch those movies on the big screen, where you can even take snapshots about the ongoing things on your mobile.

In order to use this tool, you can download it and then follow the steps below:

After download and installation, you can simple and straightforwardly connect your iPhone to your computer via the same network as long as your device supports AirPlay. After swiping up and choosing the AirPlay feature, simply choose the device name including Apowersoft, and you will automatically establish the connection and find the real-time projection starting.

With Phone Manager

Mirror Phone Screen to Computer with Phone Manager

In case you are looking for a powerful tool to mirror phone screen to computer, Apowersoft Phone Manager is a great tool for you, which has multiple important functions to manage your phone, such as the ability to restore contents from previous backups, take screenshots, manage multimedia contents, and many more. Furthermore, it is important to note that in addition to displaying your Android mobile, this tool can also mirror iPhone to PC via its built-in iOS Recorder function, therefore it is a comprehensive solution to display and record your Android or iPhone screen on the computer with the sound.

In order to do this, you can follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Download, install and run the Apowersoft Phone Manager on your PC.

Step 2. Establish connection between your Android/iOS device and your PC via USB or Wi-Fi, or via scanning scanning the QR code.

Step 3. If you would connect via WiFi or QR scan, make sure to install the Android version of Phone Manager first on your device. You can scan QR code below to install Phone Manager APK file.

Step 4. At this point, the big mobile display which you will see is going to mirror the screen of your phone in real time.

Step 5. To adjust the size of the display, click on the “Display in full screen” icon located beneath the device.

Therefore, the Apowersoft Phone Manager is an easy-to-use and straightforward tool to display mobile screen on computer, while it has much more comprehensive functions, such as transferring files or sending text messages by clicking the designated icons located on top of the interface, which makes it a very useful, universally applicable solution.

Download Phone Manager for Mac Download Phone Manager

With Phone Screen Projector

Mirror Phone Screen to Computer with Phone Screen Projector

In case you don't want to download and install any app on your phone and computer, it is also possible to purchase a physical projector which can be connected externally to the phone. This method is definitely providing more professional looking and more advanced screen sharing options, although you must be prepared for the price, which can range from few hundreds up to thousands of dollars depending on the device quality.

As you can see there are multiple options about how to display phone screen on laptop. In case you have a strong financial stability and you are planning to use screen projection frequently and with professional quality, you can purchase a physical projector, while normal users are recommended to use one of the Apowersoft software. However, the Apowersoft Phone Manager is a very comprehensive and professional app that has multiple additional features for general phone management, while the Apowersoft iPhone Screen Recorder is specialized tool for displaying phone screen on PC for especially screen mirroring, which also definitely offers a great experience to you.